The American Health Council appoints Mr. Peter Kiongo to the Occupational Therapy Board

Mr. Peter Kiongo has been elected to the prestigious Occupational Therapy board of the American Health Council. Mr. Peter Kiongo has been working in the healthcare industry, within occupational health more specifically, for over 30 years and is Founder/Director of Mikan Medical alongside his role as President of Peak RehabCare. Both these roles allow Mr. Kiongo to facilitate the healing of a vast array of patients with specialized needs.

Mr. Kiongo has always had an ingrained desire to help others and he knew that a career within this industry would fulfil this desire. Mr. Kiongo initially trained in Kenya as an Occupational Therapist and gained a diploma from Kenya Medical Training College. In 1994, Mr. Kiongo was brought to the US by an American Rehab company who recognised his potential. Following this, he gained his Masters in Occupational Therapy from the University of Indianapolis in 2003 and also graduated from Maryhurst University in 2011 with an MBA, specializing in healthcare administration. His dedication meant that he was supervising, training and mentoring others within 2 years of his employment in 6 LTC facilities. Mr. Kiongo wanted to expand his horizons so became an independent practitioner. His first contract was with the Kentucky First Steps Program working with young children with specific development issues, which he found to be incredibly rewarding. Since then, Mr. Kiongo’s organizations have grown exponentially as he has hired many more employees.

Mr. Kiongo is heavily involved in both Mikan Medical and Peak RehabCare. Peak RehabCare is a rehab contract company that is directly managed by therapy professionals. They provide services in in LTC facilities, hospitals and home health Agencies. The areas covered by Peak RehabCare include occupational therapy, physical therapy and speech therapy. Peak RehabCare recognise that the recovery from trauma can be just as gruelling as the event itself, so they have made supporting individuals through this the foundation of their organization. The highly trained therapists of Peak RehabCare are always dedicated to caring for patients effectively. Mikan Medical is an international online marketplace for buying, selling and listing pre-owned medical equipment including Cardiac and Respiratory equipment as well as Exam and Treatment Tables, Beds and Accessories.

Day to day, Mr. Kiongo works in a variety of environments including hospital inpatients or outpatients, within the home or an LTC facility. The majority of patients that Mr. Kiongo evaluates are those with shoulder, elbow or hand injuries. He is also responsible for managing the company and supporting his staff. For Mr. Kiongo, the home is the most optimum environment for recovery and an effective way to encourage healing is modify the home so that it is transformed into a supportive environment which retains your independence but is also safe.

Mr. Kiongo’s professional accomplishments are vast and include doubling the rehab contracts with various organizations for Peak RehabCare and also was key in developing a Hospital Rehab EHR System which is now in use. Furthermore, Mr. Kiongo is a member of a wide range of well-renowned institutions including the American Occupational Therapy Association, the American Physical Therapy Association, the Kentucky Occupational Therapy Association and the Kentucky Physical Therapy Association. He is also active within the National Board of Certification of Occupational Therapists, the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association, the Kentucky Speech-Language-Hearing Association and the Kentucky Finance & Admin Office. Mr. Kiongo attributes these successes to his dedication to the industry and his love for the diverse range of patients he meets.

When he is not working, Mr. Kiongo loves to be outside and enjoys gardening. He is also an active supporter of the American Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, Family Connection and

Looking to the future, Mr. Kiongo wants to continue to expand the audience of his company and network with other professionals. This is whilst sharing his hard-earned knowledge with others.

Peter Kiongo


Founder/ Director at Mikan Medical, LLC

  • Mikan Medical is the number one source for pre-owned medical equipment online.
  • Mikan Medical is an e-marketplace for Buying, Listing, and Selling good working condition medical equipment.


President/ Occupational Therapist at Peak Rehab Care

      • Peak Rehab Care is a therapist- managed rehab contract company providing skilled rehabilitation Services in LTC facilities, Hospital and Home health Agencies.
      • Rehabilitation services requires focus, knowledge, and determination. The qualities that form the cornerstones of their company.