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We are doctors. educators. nurses. surgeons. therapists. researchers. pediatricians. paramedics. opticians. phlebotomists. audiologists. professors. pharmacists. chiropractors.

With a nationwide constituency comprising medical leaders and innovators, the American Health Council is capable of providing the most deliberate health care interventions. Our affiliate base consists of practitioners in allied health, dentistry, obstetrics, medicine, nursing, optometry, pharmacy, psychology & other health professions. This is further supported by our constituency’s educators, professors, researchers, and scientists.

By facilitating the exchange of information through advanced networking, the American Health Council remains dedicated to improving the overall well-being of the population, as well as alleviating the global burden of disease. Shared knowledge can lay the groundwork for preemptive action. Real-time collaboration gives way to better methodical reactions to address emerging problems. In this era of globalization, and in order to ensure our survival, we require national cooperation to combat sickness & disease that affects our country.

Intimately connected, our experts are aligned in their objective to maintain & improve the physical & mental health of Americans. Working hand in hand, our collective has self-created an unprecedented knowledge base & communication network. Through this network, coupled with the extensive services and outreach plaforms that we provide, we continue to achieve this goal.

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Stanford Health Care
American Health Council - Health Council
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Hospital for Special Surgery
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Northwestern Medicine
American Health Council - Health Council
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UCSF Medical Center
University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center
UCLA Health
University of Pittsburgh Medical Center

Our Mission? 5 Pillars for Progress


ad·vo·ca·cy   |   \ˈad-və-kə-sē\
providing a collective voice for our affiliate base; representing the interests & well-being of those who work in all fields constituting the healthcare industry.


bet·ter·ment   |   \ˈbe-tər-mənt\

helping to improve our nation’s healthcare system; striving to bring the healthcare industry to an elevated standard protecting the interests of patients, participants & providers.


con·gre·ga·tion   |   \ˌkäŋ-gri-ˈgā-shən\

providing both physical & virtual arenas for constituents of healthcare related fields to gather together for the purpose of sharing their experiences & expertise.


de·vel·op·ment   |   \di-ˈve-ləp-mənt, dē-\

providing affiliates with tools to further professional endeavors, promote their body of work & important causes, as well as foster the growth of the businesses & institutions they serve.


ed·u·ca·tion   |   \ˌe-jə-ˈkā-shən\

providing necessary health-related guidance to the American public; providing critical updates & instructional services to professionals in the healthcare industry; building mentoring relationships.

Together we learn. teach. share. help. can.


Today is World No Tobacco Day."Tobacco use kills more than 7 million people around the world each year." #SayNoToTobacco #NoTobacco
The American Health Council continues to expand our recognition program! #AHC
American Health Council presents an Award of Excellence to Pamela Venette at Good Samaritans Tenet Health! #AwardOfExcellence #AHCNursing
The American Health Council wishes everyone a happy, healthy and safe Memorial Day! #MDW
American Health Council Affiliate Janet Backers RN, BSN, MBA/HCA, CCRN is the Director of the Emergency Department at Tempe St. Lukes Hospital. Her daily responsibilities include duties such as patient care, quality of service, clinical operations, community outreach and department collaboration. With America’s Opioid Epidemic rising, Ms. Backers provides clinical leaders with the latest information on the opioid epidemic at Tempe St. Lukes Hospital. #TempeStLukes #OpioidEpidemic
We feel so lucky to have such a devoted group of nursing professionals. A big thank you to all nurses! #NationalNursesWeek #HealthyNurse #NursesWeek
Celebrating Healthy Nurse, Healthy Nation with #FitNurseFriday! 🚴🏻‍♀️🚴🏾🏊🏼‍♀️🤾🏼‍♀️ #NationalNursesWeek #HealthyNurse #NursesWeek #AHCNurses #AmericanHealthCouncil #FitNurse #NurseNation #Fitness #FitFriday
Celebrating National Nurses Week! American Health Council affiliate Nurse Katheryn M. Csonka, who is an assistant professor at @daytonastate ! Ms. Csonka continues to share our mission of constantly educating others in her field of nursing and patient safety! Thank you😊 #NationalNursesWeek #NursesWeek #NurseStory #AHCNurses #AmericanHealthCouncil #HealthyNurse #AmazingNurses
Celebrating National Nurses Week! American Health Council affiliate Mary Foley, M.Div, BSN, RN, OCN at @loyola_medicine shares her knowledge and expertise in nursing oncology & hematology! She attributes her success to following the "golden rule" & adhering to the Bible's "Ten Commandments." We are honored to have you! #NursesWeek2017 #AHCNurses #AmazingNurses #NurseStory #NursesWeek #BestinNursing #HealthyNurse

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