Where Insurers Are Hurting Due to Obamacare

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“Aetna’s exit announcement Monday that blamed financial losses on its marketplace plans gave Obamacare opponents who have from the start predicted the health law’s failure a fresh chance to proclaim, “I told you so.” That story line got more complicated Wednesday after the Huffington Post reported Aetna CEO Mark Bertolinisent a letter to the Justice Department on July 5 threatening to withdraw from the Obamacare marketplaces if the government sued to block his company’s planned merger with Humana. The Justice Department did just that a couple weeks later.”

“Many major metropolitan areas, such as those in California, New York and Texas, will still have several insurers for individual health insurance consumers to choose from. In Texas, all major metro areas — including Austin, Dallas, Houston and San Antonio — will have at least three insurers after Aetna and UnitedHealthcare exit. That’s true also for most urban exchange customers living in the Northwest, the Midwest and New England.”

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