The American Health Council Welcomes New Affiliate, Dr. John Rector to the Physical Therapy Board

Physical Therapist, Dr. John Rector, whose expertise lies in Vestibular Rehabilitation, Manual Therapy, has served in the healthcare industry since 1997, and has recently been accepted as an American Health Council Affiliate to the Physical Therapy Board.

Since 2004, Dr. Rector has gained various positions in the Amedisys Home Health Services, including, Rehab Specialty Director, Area Rehab Director and Rehab Quality Manager.

Amedisys is a home healthcare provider focusing on distinctive, quality personal care to over 369,000 patients each year. Their services include Hospice care, Balance and Fall Reduction, Vestibular Rehabilitation and Rehabilitation.

Prior to 21 years as a Physical Therapist Dr. Rector began his career with an education in Accounting and Finance. Whilst drawn to Physical Therapy throughout his education, he nonetheless graduated and started work as an Accountant. Soon after, the sad and tragic loss of his sister spurred his desire to return to school and follow his dream of becoming a Physical Therapist.

His extensive education includes a BA in Accounting and Finance (Dowling College 1992); BS Physical Therapy (Hanze University of Applied Sciences 1997); MBA Business Administration (Dowling College 2004) and a DPT in Physical Therapy (Utica College 2014).

This keen approach to learning has propelled Dr. Rector’s career to exciting levels, where he has specialized in many different areas including Vestibular Rehabilitation and Manual Therapy. He is a certified Lymphedema therapist (LANA certified) and holds both Quality Manager and Area Rehab Director roles. He is a member of the National Lymphedema Association and the American Physical Therapy Association in New Jersey.

On a usual day, Dr. Rector works on patient charts, scheduled visits, verbal orders, screenings, post-op surgeries and total joint replacement. He specialized in balance and vestibular training.

Although he loves his current role, in the future Dr. Rector hopes to step away from managerial positions and return to spending time with patients in a hands-on capacity, aiming to expand his own practice and pursue more private work.

Outside of work, Dr. Rector is involved with a Pro-bono Physical Therapy Clinic and various charities such as the Cancer Society, Community Service & Outreach programs, the Ali-Forni Center, Police organizations and local charities. In his spare time, he enjoys gardening, exercise, Yoga, weight lifting and remodeling.

John Rector Jr.


Physical Therapist at Amedisys Home Health Services

  • From home health to hospice to personal care, Amedisys team members provide quality, clinically distinctive care to more than 369,000 patients every year.
  • Dr. John Rector provides exceptional physical therapy services to patients with vestibular, orthopedic, neurological, and cardiovascular conditions.


Professional Accomplishments

  • Dr. Rector is a certified Lymphedema therapist- LANA certified. He is also a holds quality manager and area rehab director roles.

Professional Associations

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