The American Health Council welcomes Mr. Gamal Omar, BS to the Industry Board

The American Health Council has warmly welcomed Mr. Gamal Omar onto the prestigious Industry Board, in acknowledgement of his contributions to the field of pharmaceutical medicine, patient wellness and patient care. He has amassed over two decades of experience within the healthcare industry and is a highly respected member of the local business community.

Before moving to America, Mr. Omar was a Biochemist by nature, living in Egypt. Initially, Mr. Omar wanted to go to Medical School to attain his Doctorate but felt that Pharmaceutical Medicine was better suited to his interests. Following this realization, Mr. Omar went on to study at and graduate from St John’s University, NY, with his BS in Pharmacy in 1996. Mr. Omar currently works at Village Discount Pharmacy, assisting his wife Peggy, a clinical pharmacist, and is a community and retail pharmacy that focuses on individualized wellness and patient care.

Mr. Omar’s has a variety of responsibilities. The main focus of the pharmacy is patient care, therefore directly dealing with the needs of his patients is a main responsibility. Additionally, Mr. Omar is immunization certified, and undertakes medication management, general counseling, and prevention.

Throughout his twenty-two year career in the healthcare industry, Mr. Omar has had many professional accomplishments that he’s proud of; he has worked and developed his specialization in retail pharmacy for 20 years, received the “Elite Pharmacy of the Year Award’” – given by CVS customers, been involved with MTM’s (Medication Therapy Management), he’s developed Wellness Programs and is a pioneer of IOEX.

Over the last two decades, Mr. Omar has enjoyed a fruitful career and attributes his success to a strong work ethic, along with the support of his wife – who is also a clinical pharmacist and assists Mr. Omar in running the business. Together they have a son Michael (high functioning autistic child) and they found great strength and faith in learning more about his diagnosis.

Looking to the future, Mr. Omar and Dr. Peggy will continue to deliver excellence in patient care.

Gamal Omar


Village Discount Pharmacy

    • Community/Retail Pharmacy
    • Focusing on Individualized Wellness and Patient Care
    • Privately Owned

Professional Awards & Honors

    • “Elite Pharmacy of the Year Award” – CVS Customers
    • Village Pharmacy holds a Star Rating in the area