The American Health Council welcomes Dr. Jennifer Dismukes, DO to the Board of Physicians

Jennifer Dismukes, DODr. Jennifer Dismukes has been appointed onto the Board of Physicians in recognition of her dedication and exceptional contributions to the specialist field of psychology. Over the course of her illustrious career, she has gained an outstanding amount of experience, with over 19 years of service to the healthcare industry.

Before embarking on her career, Dr. Dismukes studied for her doctorate at Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine, graduating in 1998. After receiving her DO, Dr. Dismukes moved on to gaining fellowship in child and adolescent psychiatry and residency in internal medicine and psychiatry at Tripler Army Medical School.

When Dr. Dismukes was younger, her brother sadly had brain cancer. Time spent with her brother was what inspired her to become a physician. Shortly after, Dr. Dismukes decided to specialize in psychiatric’s.

Dr. Dismukes currently works in her own private practice, Jennifer Dismukes, DO, as a psychiatric physician. The practice offers a range of psychiatric services and covers a vast number of medical issues including mood disorders such as bipolar and anxiety, with Dr. Dismukes specializing in substance abuse and eating disorders. Within her working day, Dr. Dismukes’ responsibilities involve practicing adult and adolescent psychiatry, helping her patients overcome problems and prescribing all schedules of medications that may be needed. Dr. Dismukes is also on the faculty of Rutgers University.

With a career fast approaching two decades, Dr. Dismukes continues to thrive within her specialties. She attributes her success to her experience as a combat veteran, which resulted in her ability to have greater empathy for her patients. Throughout her career, Dr. Dismukes is honored to have been presented with the Psychiatric Teacher of the Year Award from Rutgers University in 2016. In addition to her contributions in the healthcare sector, Dr. Dismukes is proud to have served in the United States Army.

To ensure she maintains her prominent position within her sector, Dr. Dismukes is a member of various professional organizations including The American Psychiatric Association and The American Academy of Clinical and Applied Psychoanalysis. Dr. Dismukes is also connected with charitable organizations including, NAMI: National Alliance on Mental Illness, Rotary International and her church.

Moving forward, Dr. Dismukes goals within the next five years involve her building on her private practice as well as furthering her teaching at Rutgers University.

Jennifer Dismukes


Chief at Rutgers University Behavioral Health Care

    • At Rutgers University Behavioral Health Care (UBHC), they offer the broadest range of services in New Jersey and they are the only behavioral health system that is part of a medical school, so their staff are trained in the most effective, most current treatments. In fact, some of those treatments have been developed right here at UBHC.
    • Not only does UBHC provide clinical care and develop new treatments, they also train professionals across the country in the best ways to support people through those difficult times.

Attending Psychiatric Physician at Jennifer Dismukes, DO

    • A private practice providing psychiatric services.

Professional Associations

    • The American Psychiatric Association
    • The American Academy of Clinical and Applied Psychoanalysis