The American Health Council Congratulates Virginia Sarabian, BSN,  RN on 60 Years in Nursing

By Stephany Reyes — News & Updates

When California-native Virginia Sarabian was 8 years old, she watched in horror as a glass bottle shattered on the floor, shooting sharp glass remnants toward her mother’s legs. The debris instantly cut her mother’s legs, drawing blood and panic.

“At that moment, my instinct kicked in and I rushed to help her and clean her up,” Ms. Sarabian said. “Since then, I knew I wanted to help people.”

This year marked two milestones in Ms. Sarabian’s life: she commemorated 60 years as a registered nurse and celebrated her 85th birthday. After graduating as a licensed registered nurse from Fresno General Hospital School of Nursing in Fresno, Calif., in 1954, Ms. Sarabian enrolled in the California State University’s nursing program. Four years later, she received a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree. Her goal to care for others as she cared for her mother reached fruition when she worked alongside mothers and infants as a registered nurse at Fresno General Hospital, now known as Fresno University Hospital. For 24 years she delivered warm, compassionate care to countless mothers and their families in the hospital’s labor and delivery room, post-partum room and nursery. She was instrumental in the inception of Fresno County’s first Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.

“Something my grandmother prides herself on, is that she is still a licensed registered nurse,” Lauren Sarabian, Ms. Sarabian’s granddaughter, said. “Every year, she continues to renew her licenses to continue her passion for nursing and educating herself on new technology in the medical field.”

Sixty years since obtaining her registered nurse license in 1958, Ms. Sarabian is now enjoying her retirement alongside family and friends. The American Health Council congratulates Ms. Sarabian on achieving 60 prosperous years in the nursing field, helping countless people through difficult situations and spreading warmth and joy among her patients. The AHC wishes Ms. Sarabian a happy and healthy 85th birthday.

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