The American Health Council Appoints Taylor “Adam” Kerley to the Physical Therapy Board

Mr. Taylor Kerley, also known as Adam, has been welcomed onto the prestigious Physical Therapy Board of the American Health Council, in recognition of his extensive contributions to the field. Mr. Kerley, based in Knoxville, Tennessee, is a business owner and National Director and has spent the last 22 years working in the healthcare industry.

Mr. Kerley has always possessed a keen interest in sport and was involved in athletics during his youth. When he was playing football during his senior year, he unfortunately suffered from a painful humeral fracture that required physical therapy as treatment. It was the care he received during this time that inspired him to pursue a career in the healthcare profession.

Subsequently, Mr. Kerley graduated from East Tennessee State University in 1998 with a BS in Physical Therapy. He also achieved formal Certification in Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) and as an Athletic Trainer (ATC). These qualifications, coupled with his professional experience, have allowed him to refine his expertise and achieve a highly successful career in Physical Therapy, Sports Performance and Training.

Currently, Mr. Kerley plays an integral role for both EXOS Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine and Sports Performance LLC. EXOS is passionate about supporting individuals to aim higher and achieve as much as possible. The founders are passionate that anyone can use human performance to achieve their very best. They are proud that the platform that have created allows individuals to take ownership of their health, something which undoubtedly primes them for success. Taking care of the health of every member of a team is crucial for everyone to succeed, which is why any organization can utilise the platform so that all individuals are able to flourish. EXOS specializes in ensuring corporate wellness and sports medicine outreach in many areas including military and sports through education. In contrast, Sports Performance LLC provides innovative support to professional athletes through programs incorporating both training and therapy. This involves travelling with the individual athlete, enabling all aspects of the required care plan to be considered and implemented without interruption. This method also provides the most effective care, as it raises the performance levels of the athlete within their own environment.

With specific expertise in the clinical aspects of athletic therapy and training, Mr. Kerley’s daily responsibilities include supporting professional athletes while they are travelling and at competitions. Some of his most notable work has involved providing vital care for PGA tour members and professional golfers, expertly integrating both training and therapy. Mr. Kerley combines both strength and mobility training with a therapy program, describing himself as “basically the quarterback of the team that is their body.”

Mr. Kerley is honoured to have been named one of the Top 50 Best Golf Fitness Professionals by Golf Digest and is very proud of what Sports Performance LLC has achieved over the years. The esteemed professional credits his achievements to his unwavering faith alongside the support from his family. He also cites his determined nature and drive from within, alongside a calling from above to pursue his chosen career path. Furthermore, he loves that his role allows him to be a key part in the success of those who make such an important impact on the sporting world.

Looking to the future, Mr. Kerley would like to continue and expand his role within education by establishing a medical clinic in a school. When he is not busy working, Mr. Kerley supplies local schools with athletic training services. He is also involved with school medical clinic creation and is a service volunteer.

Taylor “Adam” Kerley


Owner & National Director of EXOS Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine

  • Sports Performance LLC – provides an integrated training and therapy approach to professional
    athletes. Traveling with athletes allows organization and provision of all aspects involved in
    optimizing athletic performance in their day to day environment.

Sources: EXOS Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine