The American Health Council Appoints Ram Choudhury to the Industry Board

Mr. Ram Choudhury has been warmly welcomed onto the Industry Board of the highly acclaimed American Health Council in recognition of his extensive contributions to the sector over the past thirteen years. Mr. Choudhury is an esteemed professional in his field and currently works as a manager and pharmacist at Liberty Drugs, where he has worked for the past four years.

It was after studying and graduating in India that Mr. Choudhury decided to pursue a career in the medical profession. In 2001, Mr. Choudhury graduated from Long Island University with an MS in Industrial Pharmaceuticals, equipping him with the core skills needed to excel in his desired career in pharmacy.

Having enjoyed a very successful career to date, Mr. Choudhury currently undertakes the role of manager and pharmacist at Liberty Drugs. Established in 2013, Liberty Drugs is passionate about providing their community with the best care possible. The pharmacy takes a localized approach as it serves primarily the communities of Liberty City and Little Haiti. This approach means that they can dedicate more time to each individual patient and provide them with personalised care to ensure they are fully supported. Liberty Drugs views all its patients like members of their family and thus always go the extra mile to deliver a highly exceptional service. Many different services are on offer at Liberty Drugs including Medication Therapy Management, Scheduled Appointments, Medication Synchronization, Prescription Refills and Transfers, Long Term Care Services, Medication Adherence, Medicare Open Enrollment. There are also many different items that can be purchased including Feminine Hygiene Products, Pain Medication and Vitamins and Supplements amongst a wide variety of others.

The daily responsibilities of Mr. Choudhury include spending time with each patient so they receive the best service possible and ensuring that they receive the correct assistance for all of their problems. Mr. Choudhury credits the success he has achieved in his career to his innate passion to provide the best care he can for others.

Looking to the future, Mr. Choudhury is passionate about maintaining the high levels of care he already provides and ensuring his is always doing all he can for others. When not busy working, Mr. Choudhury enjoys participating in spiritual meditation in order to relax.

Ram Choudhury


Manager & Pharmacist at Liberty Drugs

  • Serving the communities of Liberty City and Little Haiti since 2013, Liberty Drugs believes that being a local Miami pharmacy means providing healthcare services to patients that are customized to meet their need.