The American Health Council Appoints Ms. Sabrina Ackerman to the Nursing Board

The American Health Council has warmly welcomed Ms. Sabrina Ackerman to its prestigious Nursing Board. Ms. Ackerman has amassed an impressive 31 years working in healthcare industry and is recognized for her dedication in the field of Anesthesia.

Ms. Ackerman first became involved in her profession due to a friend inspiring her to follow her dreams by helping her find her confidence. Having received her Masters of Science in Health Care Administration from the Marshall Graduate College, Ms. Ackerman also attended the Salem College completing her ADN in 1986, the Fairmont State University completing her BSN in 1997 and finally, the Charles School of Nursing Anesthesia where she attained her CRNA in 1999.

In her current capacity, Ms. Ackerman works on an independent contractor basis at CRNA Contractors; she has fulfilled the role for the past 18 years. CRNA Contractors go to a variety of workplaces, working with many patients performing anesthesia services.

Providing extensive expertise at CRNA level certification in anesthesia, Ms. Ackerman’s daily role involves her working as a pre and post anesthesia nurse, with duties including performing follow up appointments and writing up reports.

In a continuous effort to remain a leader in her filed, Ms. Ackerman is an active member of several professional associations including the American Association of Nurse Anesthetist and the Florida Association Nurse Anesthesia.

In recognition to her professional accolades, Ms. Ackerman attributes her success to her hard work. Looking to the future Ms. Ackerman plans to continuing her work as an independent contractor with CRNA.

Outside of work, Ms. Ackerman enjoys partaking in hobbies such as advanced scuba diving, skydiving, horticulture, fishing and also has an interest in cooking. Whenever possible, Ms. Ackerman also dedicates her time to help friends in need.

Sabrina Ackerman


Independent Contractor

  • Independent CRNA Contractors go to a variety of workplaces working with many patients performing anesthesia services.