The American Health Council Appoints Ms. Brittney Godwin Tice to the Nursing Board

Brittney Godwin Tice has been welcomed onto the Nursing Board of the American Health Council in recognition of her 8 years’ service to the healthcare industry.

Ms. Godwin Tice has always been a compassionate, energetic, and enthusiastic person who loves people and finds helping others extremely rewarding. In fact, it was these very characteristics that guided her into a career in nursing. After the devastating loss of both her boyfriend and sister in a fatal car accident during her final year of nursing school, she was able to see the true compassion in nurses and knew more than ever that she had chosen the right career path. Ms. Godwin Tice completed her MSN-Master of Science in Nursing Education from MS South University in 2017. She strives to be a positive light in the nurses she educates and works with as she saw in those nurses that cared for her family. She continues to be ambitious in growing as an educator and as a nursing leader.

Ms. Godwin Tice currently works as a clinical documentation specialist at UNC Lenoir Health Care and as a clinical adjunct instructor for Lenoir Community College. Serving in the first role for the past 3 years with the second role added in 2017. UNC Health Care is a not-for-profit integrated healthcare system owned by the state of North Carolina. It currently comprises UNC hospitals and its network provider, the clinical programs of the UNC Schools of Medicine, nine affiliate hospitals and hospital systems across the state. The institution approaches medicine with creative thinking and collaboration and provides services for Cancer, Heart & Vascular, Orthopedics, Surgery, Diabetes, Stroke Care, Rehabilitation, Weight Management, Neurology, Bariatric Surgery and Women’s Health.

On a day to day basis as a clinical documentation specialist, Ms. Godwin Tice’s clinical coding knowledge is used to review the current medical records for accuracy. She also works with promoting quality patient outcomes and monitoring patient safety. In her other role as a clinical adjunct instructor, Ms. Godwin Tice’s day to day responsibilities include working in a clinical setting, promoting nursing knowledge, best nursing practice and quality patient care. Ms. Godwin Tice’s success to date stems from her faith, friends, family, and inspiration from nursing colleagues.

During her career, Ms. Godwin Tice has been awarded with the Presidential Excellence Award in 2016 and was an Alumni from Western Carolina University. She is also associated with the American Nursing Association, a professional organization which strives to advance and protect the profession of nursing.

Ms. Godwin Tice’s caring nature shines through her career achievements but also through the many charitable organizations that she supports. These include, the ASPCA: American Society of the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, Domestic Abuse Against Women and Heart Disease for Women to name a few.

Over the next five years, Ms. Brittney Godwin Tice aspires to grow in a nursing leadership position and hopes to continue to grow as a nursing educator.

In the times that Ms. Godwin Tice isn’t at work or helping others, she enjoys spending time with her husband and fur babies. She also cherishes any time she can spend with family vacationing and coming together.

Brittney Godwin Tice


Progressive Unit Manager at UNC Lenoir Health Care

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