The American Health Council Appoints Ms. Alice Ferrer, BSPT to the Physical Therapy Board

The American Health Council warmly welcomes Ms. Alice Ferrer to the Physical Therapy Board. Amassing over 30 year’s experience working within the healthcare industry, Ms. Ferrer has gained extensive knowledge in physical therapy.

Ms. Ferrer began on her path to becoming a physical therapist following on from her original aspirations to be a nurse in the Philippines. After her father was involved in an accident, the insight she received after seeing him undergo physical therapy and the care that he was given inspired her to become a physical therapist.

In her next steps, Ms. Ferrer enrolled at the Cebu’s Doctors’ University, a private university located in the Philippines that was founded in 1975. Completing her studies in her time at the institute, Ms. Ferrer graduated BSPT in 1987.

Ms. Ferrer has spent 14 years in her current position as Staff Physical Therapist at Sovereign Health Care/Warner Robbins, GA. Sovereign Rehabilitation is a comprehensive physical therapy and complete wellness program in Atlanta, Georgia. Warner Robins is an assisted living long term care facility with 126 beds and 112 residents. All members of the Sovereign Rehabilitation team have earned advanced qualification in their respective areas of expertise and are deeply committed to providing the most advanced physical rehabilitation services, with individual attention to patient needs. Sovereign Rehabilitation provides specialist care for spine disorders, hand/upper-extremity conditions, women’s health, vestibular rehabilitation, work-related injuries and aquatic rehabilitation.

On a daily basis Ms. Ferrer’s role includes completing patient evaluations, with particular expertise in geriatrics and conditioning patients with Parkinson’s Disease, as well as those who have suffered strokes. Passionate in helping patients and staff, Ms. Ferrer dedicates her time to training staff, allowing her to share her valuable knowledge with other team members whilst always striving to learn more by continuing education courses. With her natural desire to help others, Ms. Ferrer works in collaboration with other healthcare providers alongside her role working towards an overall aim of benefiting the patients.

Distinguished in her role, Ms. Ferrer has had the opportunity to help patients based in nursing homes, acute care settings and outpatient settings, and has had the opportunity to work within pediatrics and helping disabled children.

In the future, Ms. Ferrer wishes to continue delivering her already demonstrated excellence in patient care. Ms. Ferrer also aspires to continue her learning and development in medicine by achieving her Parkinson’s Certification.

Outside of her professional accolades, Ms. Ferrer is proud of her achievement of running the half marathon. Ms. Ferrer attributes her successes, both professional and personal, to the amazing support continually received from her family and her faith. In her spare time, she is also keen to help and participate with Couples for Christ.

Alice Ferrer


Staff Physical Therapist at Sovereign Health Care

  • Sovereign Rehabilitation provides comprehensive physical therapy and complete wellness programs in Atlanta, Georgia.
  • With multiple locations in and around Atlanta, Sovereign Rehabilitation gives you access to exceptional care provided by the industry’s premier therapists.
  • Their complete rehabilitative services are delivered in our state-of-the-art, fully staffed and equipped facilities that are conveniently located throughout the greater Atlanta metropolitan area.
  • Sovereign Rehabilitation in Atlanta has attracted a team of the region’s most talented physical therapists, including specialists in spine disorders, hand/upper-extremity conditions, women’s health, vestibular rehabilitation, work-related injuries, and aquatic rehabilitation.