The American Health Council Appoints Ms. Agatha Yang, MSN, RN, to the Nursing Board

The American Health Council has cordially appointed Ms. Agatha Yang, MSN, RN, to its prestigious Nursing Board. Ms. Yang has been recognized for her many contributions, having dedicated 29 years to working in healthcare industry as a nurse, and for her passion to teach the next generation of nursing students.

Ms. Yang first became interested in pursuing a caring profession at a young age, and held the belief the healthcare industry was her calling, but was unsure which direction it would take her. After graduating from high school she became a Certified Nursing Assistant, during which time she was able to witness the impact nurses made on the lives of patients. These experiences reinforced her decisions about the future and led her to enroll at nursing school.

After completing her Bachelor of Science in Nursing in 1988 from California State University, Ms. Yang returned to education to achieve her Master of Science in Nursing in 2014 from Thomas Edison University. Still striving to build upon her extensive knowledge, in 2018 Ms. Yang attained her Doctor of Nursing Practice in Healthcare Systems Leadership from Chamberland School of Nursing. Ms. Yang also maintains an active membership with the National League for Nursing.

Ms. Yang has undertaken the role of Clinical Manager at Lincoln Technical Institute for the past 9 years. Providing expertise in nursing education, Ms.Yang’s daily responsibilities include evaluating potential clinical sites to ensure they are providing a positive learning environment. Her role also includes assisting in the hiring and training process for new staff and she provides instructors with continuing education programs. Furthermore, Ms. Yang is in charge of scheduling for the entire nursing program, which includes conflict resolution, and she serves in the place of professors when they are unavailable.

Lincoln Technical Institute offers hands-on career training programs for a variety of fields including automotive, health sciences, business and information technology, skilled trades, spa and cosmetology and culinary. Since 1946, Lincoln Technical Institute has continued the tradition of helping students achieve professional success, through personalized career support and job-specific education. With campuses throughout the United States, their career training schools emphasize a hands-on approach that puts students at the forefront of the technology, skills and expertise needed to excel in their chosen profession. Plus, their certificate, diploma, and associate degree programs are designed to accelerate entry into the workforce for Careers That Build America.

Ms. Yang attributes her success to being a persistent individual and even when her path into medicine became challenging, she never gave up. Her career in nursing has been impactful and she is happy to have made a difference in the lives of patients and students alike. She enjoys inspiring others to have the same love and passion for nursing that she does.

Amongst Ms. Yang’s many accolades, she was honoured to receive Outstanding Clinical Instructor by Lincoln Tech in 2011. She feels fortunate to have had supportive professors, advisors and mentors, as well as the opportunity to work with people from all walks of life. Ms. Yang thrives on the ability to inspire people who are at the start of their nursing career, where she once was.

Looking to the future, Ms. Yang is keen to progress in her role at Lincoln Tech, where her position gives her the ability to inspire others to become the best nurses and nursing instructors that they can be. Ms. Yang is hoping to do more with her Doctorate and to continue driving her deep held belief that nursing is a field of lifelong learning, to which there are no boundaries.

Ms. Yang is mother to a 23 year old daughter and a 20 year old son, who are her greatest treasures. Alongside her husband of 30 years, her family have provided her with instrumental support for which she is forever grateful. In her time away from work, Ms. Yang loves to read and enjoys being outside gardening. She also commits her time whenever possible to Children with Autism.

Agatha Yang


Clinical Manager at Lincoln Technical Institute

  • Lincoln Technical Institute offers hands-on career training programs for a variety of fields including Automotive, Health Sciences, Business and Information Technology, Skilled Trades, Spa and Cosmetology and Culinary.
  • Since 1946, Lincoln Technical Institute has continued the tradition of helping students achieve professional success through personalized career support and job-specific education.

Source: Lincoln Technical Institute

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