The American Health Council Appoints Mrs. Roslyn A. Fine, MS, CCC-SLP to the Industry Board

The American Health Council has warmly welcomed Mrs. Roslyn A. Fine, MS, CCC-SLP to its prestigious Industry Board, in recognition for her achievements as a Speech Language Pathologist. Mrs. Fine has amassed an impressive 48 years working in the healthcare industry and is now retired.

Mrs. Fine first became interested in pursuing a career in healthcare after realizing her natural ability to interact with people, finding enjoyment from this and the prospect of helping patients to achieve the quality of life that they deserve.

Mrs. Fine began her academic endeavours by studying the specialist area of Communication Disorders, completing her BS from Syracuse University in 1967. Following on from this, she attained her MS from the University of Michigan in 1969.

Mrs. Fine retired from her role as a Speech Language Pathologist in Aug 2017 after dedicating 48 years to working in the healthcare arena. Highly accomplished in her field, Mrs. Fine owned and operated a private practice in South Jersey with her husband for six years. Services provided included physical, occupational and speech therapies in addition to social work. This practice was noted as the first Certified Outpatient Rehabilitation Facility in Southern New Jersey.

Mrs. Fine believes her long career and success stemmed from her innate passion and her desire to continue her education. By consistently expanding her knowledge, she has provided her patients/clients and students with the best possible outcomes.

Displaying expertise in the areas of Central Auditory Processing Disorder CAPD, Mentoring and Management and Family Dynamics, Mrs. Fine was also proud to have written for six editions of a Dysphagia/Swallowing Impaired chapter for a national nursing textbook, which was published domestically and abroad. A further pinnacle of her career came when Mrs. Fine earned a full Government Fellowship while studying, which included offering therapeutic services to the local VA hospital as well as providing lip reading courses to the Ann Arbor, Michigan community. In recognition of her contributions, Mrs. Fine was also honored to receive the ‘Best in Patient Care’ award.

In order to broaden her knowledge throughout her career, even through retirement, Mrs. Fine still maintains an active member of the several prestigious associations including; the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association as a life member, the Indiana Speech-Language-Hearing Association, the Michigan Speech-Language-Hearing Association and the Indiana Retired Teachers Association. Mrs. Fine also remains licensed throughout the State of Michigan, State of Indiana, the Indiana Health Profession Agency, as well as retaining her Indiana Teaching Certificate.

Looking to the future, Mrs. Fine plans to continue to mentor and stay involved in change within the healthcare sector. She also plans to write letters of recommendation for those she has worked with over the years.

Outside of work, Mrs. Fine enjoys spending time with her family, including her husband of 44 years, who she met as her physical therapist when she was recovering from an injury. Mrs. Fine gains great pleasure from being outdoors pursuing various interests, which include gardening, rescuing and caring for animals, hiking and wildlife observation. Mrs. Fine also commits her time wherever possible to various charitable organizations, helping both humans and animals.