The American Health Council Appoints Leslie Olmstead, OT to the Occupational Therapy Board

The American Health Council has warmly welcomed Leslie Olmstead to their prestigious Occupational Therapy Board, in recognition of her outstanding contributions to the field of occupational therapy.

Ms. Olmstead began her academic studies at the University of Kansas, completing her degree in Occupational Therapy in 1998 before becoming NDT Certified. Ms. Olmstead has always been interested in occupational therapy and particularly the philosophy of looking at the whole person. She was fascinated by the concept of establishing a plan to help each patient return to their highest level of function in all activities of daily living.

For the past two decades, Ms. Olmstead has worked at Haysmed – The University of Kansas Health System, a highly prestigious health and rehabilitation facility. She has particular expertise in the areas of brain injury, stroke rehab, outpatient neurological and low vision. Due to her own experiences of recovering from a brain injury, she is often called upon by colleagues for evaluations and treatments of patients with brain injuries.
The highly experienced professional has worked on all areas of healthcare including inpatient acute care, skilled care, inpatient rehab, home health, nursing home facilities and outpatient rehab. Ms. Olmstead continues to treat all ages of patients from pediatric to older adults, finding the variety of her work both challenging and motivating.

During her extensive time at Hays Med, Ms. Olmstead has achieved numerous accomplishments, including assisting with program development within the inpatient facility and helping to establish occupational therapy programs for cardiac and orthopedic rehabilitation. Due to her dedication and longevity of service, Ms. Olmstead is due to shortly receive her 20th year service award.

In order to keep abreast of the latest developments in the industry, Ms. Olmstead is a member of several professional associations including the Kansas Brain Injury Association and the Kansas Occupational Therapy Association.

Within the next five years, Ms. Olmstead intends to continue developing her expertise within her field and delivering excellence in patient care.

Outside of work, Ms. Olmstead is an active volunteer within her community, working with her children’s 4H group, church committees and Catholic schools. In addition, she gives yearly to the Occupational Therapy department at the University of Kansas, her children’s Catholic schools and her church.

In her spare time she enjoys a vast array of outdoor activities, including gardening, camping, fishing, hiking and kayaking.

Lesile Olmstead


Occupational Therapist at Hays Medical Center, The University of Kansas Health System

  • Hays Medical Center is a private, not-for-profit hospital formed by the 1991 merger of two religiously affiliated facilities, and provides the only tertiary level services in the region.
  • The organization’s Vision Statement, developed collaboratively with local and regional physicians, hospital administrators and community board representatives, was refined to a single core purpose: “To Help People Be Healthy,” and an overriding goal: “To Be the Best Tertiary Care Center in Rural America.”