The American Health Council Appoints Elena Miller, RPh to the Industry Board

Pharmacist Elena Miller has been appointed to the Industry Board by the American Health Council for her contribution to the healthcare industry over the past 34 years.

Ms. Miller chose to pursue a career in pharmacy to satisfy her enduring interest in healthcare and to fulfill her passion for helping others. After graduating from the Chemical-Pharmaceutical Institute of Leningrad in Russia, Ms. Miller continued to work in the country for a few years before immigrating to the United States with her first child. During her working life, Ms. Miller has been involved in various aspects of pharmacy, including hospital pharmacy, long-term care and home infusion.

Ms. Miller currently works as a pharmacist with ValuRx Pharmacy: a friendly local pharmacy dedicated to providing high-quality customer service and affordable products. With 15 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry, ValuRX caters to their patients’ needs through delivering a one-to-one service. Ms. Miller aligns with the values of ValuRx, finding the patient-centered aspect of her role the most rewarding. When she is not dispensing and verifying prescriptions, she counsels and works one-to-one with her patients, supporting them to acquire coupons to make their medications affordable.

Ms. Miller attributes her success in the field to her commitment towards helping her patients achieve better health. She provides her services to 3 different community pharmacies, with one situated in the Bronx and the remaining two in New Jersey.

Ms. Miller plans to continue her essential work with ValuRx Pharmacy in the coming years. In order to provide the most valuable advice to her patients, Ms. Miller aims to continuously update herself and grow her knowledge on the latest medications and to keep informed on the latest developments in the pharmaceutical industry.

When she isn’t supporting her patients towards better health, Ms. Miller enjoys reading, making jewelry and spending time in nature. A nurturer to her core, Ms. Miller lends her time to treating family and friends with homeopathic medicine.

Elena Miller


Pharmacist at ValuRX 

  • ValuRX Pharmacy provides one-on-one service and consultations to ensure you fully understand your medications and answer any questions you may have.
  • ValuRx Pharmacy is backed by 15 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry.
  • Retail Pharmacy
  • Focused on Individualized Wellness and Patient Care