The American Health Council Appoints Dr. Delaine Fowler, BS, MPT, DPT to the Physical Therapy Board

Dr. Delaine Fowler has been welcomed onto the prestigious Physical Therapy Board of the American Health Council. Dr. Fowler is CEO and President of Accelerate Fitness in Salisbury, North Carolina. She has worked in the healthcare industry for 14 years, with ten of these in her current position.

For Dr. Fowler, her original aspiration was to be a doctor, however her experience as a college swimmer diverted her attention towards a career in physical therapy. Whilst in college, she had to stop swimming because she was suffering with chronic shoulder pain. To alleviate the pain, she consulted her friend’s mother who was a physical therapist – she showed her two exercises that would ease the pain at home and within two weeks the pain had gone. This motivated her into pursuing the same career to provide others with the same relief. Dr. Fowler was awarded her B.S. in biology from University of North Carolina Wilmington, and she received her DPT in physical therapy from Elon University.

Accelerate Therapy and Performance has brought together experts in both preventative care and advice as well as providing ergonomic assessments for industries… The top three services offered by Accelerate Therapy and Performance include physical therapy, custom fitness counseling, natural pain management care and injury preventive services. Dr. Fowler specifically is integral to running her private practice. She is also hands-on when it comes to delivering both sport and industrial therapy to assist clients in gaining mobility once again. This is because her specific expertise lies in both orthopedics and providing manual, hands-on therapy.

Dr. Fowler is proud to have constructed a preventative industrial injury program. This program is currently delivered across the country to employers eager to reduce injury rates and health care costs. Dr. Fowler is passionate about creating personal relationships with those in her community, which she believes to have been a factor in her success. In addition to this, she also credits having supportive and skilled employees as well as fantastic referrals. In the future, she would like to establish two further practices and expand the current industrial program.

Dr. Fowler is also actively involved with charitable organizations in her community such as First Presbyterian Church of Salisbury, United Way, Rowan Helping Ministries and Prevent Child Abuse Rowan. This is alongside the support she gives to local schools and her work as a Youth Leader at her church.

Delaine Fowler


CEO & President of Accelerate Fitness at Accelerate Therapy and Performance

  • Accelerate Therapy and Performance specializes in preventative services and ergonomic assessments for industries.
  • The practice is now expanding to help individuals achieve new fitness levels through custom programs including Fit, First, Balanced Body and Athletes Edge.
  • These programs help individuals just getting started in their journey to seasoned athletes improving overall health, fitness, and performance.