Telemedicine: An Interview With Dr. Ameet Bakhai

Telemedicine: An Interview With Dr. Ameet Bakhai - Health Council

“Telemedicine is the art of improving patient care via managing data remotely, and in this spirit one of the earliest examples often not considered in this category, would be the permanent pacemaker, first implanted into a human being in 1958. Pacemakers not only collected data from the heart’s electricity remotely, but in line with programmed responses, they treated slow heart rates with artificially generated electrical firings and stored these data to be made available to cardiologists at a later date. Since then, we have strived and succeeded in the ability to cross communicate between these devices remotely, to manage patients with increasing range of complexities to the point of delivering life-saving shocks as needed. To me this is telemedicine at its pinnacle.”

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