Do you Feel Your Digital Presence Represents You Accurately & Professionally?

The solidity of your online identity is critical for both your professional and personal endeavors in the healthcare industry. At the American Health Council, we create and strengthen social media platforms — such as Facebook, LinkedIn & Twitter — in order to build your digital presence in a structured and strategic way.

As competitive and rapidly changing as the health industry is, you shouldn’t limit your exposure. Social media is the vehicle that gives you a chance to boost your reputation, reinforce credibility, and improve your visibility. With colleagues and contacts using social media to learn more about you, and consumers using social media to discuss everything in their lives — especially their health — it’s time to tune in!

Physicians & Nurses

Patients are looking for ratings of your practice, negative/positive feedback & insurance acceptance.


Employers are vetting your online presence to predetermine candidate capabilities & opportunity.


Students are checking your credentials in determining where to best find their source of learning.


Monitoring research & development, donors & institutions are reviewing your work prior to funding.

Our Online Identity Management strategies include:

  • Create & build all social media platforms
  • Social media posting at high traffic times
  • Establish & solidify your online reputation
  • Writing an effective press release
  • Digital advertising
  • Insight & analytic data reports

Of individuals will check out your digital presence prior to booking an appointment.


Of educators’ & healthcare professionals’ most popular activities on social media are following what colleagues are sharing & discussing.


Of people said social media would affect their choice of a specific doctor, hospital, or medical facility.

It is important to understand the influence of your online presence in your career & personal interactions. Strategically integrating social media, tailored to your area of expertise, is vital for success.

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