Rural Nursing Homes Falling Behind in Information Technology Development


When it comes to keeping up with the times, information technology (IT) is extremely important.  It is our ultimate way of retrieving, sending and validating information. It has been brought to our attention that through a study by the University of Missouri, nursing homes in rural areas are behind in keeping up to date with health information technology like their urban counterparts. Which raises a cause for concern because information technology is not only the main hub of all modern businesses, but it has a significant impact on patient care.

The University of Missouri study found nursing homes located in metropolitan areas have better success in resident registration and admission, conducting of medical tests, and verification of medical tests. When compared to nursing homes in rural areas, of the many implications, it has a major impact on patient care and an effect on business. If patients and their families feel they are not receiving timely care they could pursue other nursing homes and business could plummet. Leading to an overflow of patients since rural nursing homes wouldn’t have the capability to share information with hospitals and achieve the high-quality care the patients deserve.

The Journal of Rural Health

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