Remember Doctor Lounges?

Remember Doctor Lounges? - Health Council

“It once provided a base of operations for physicians who came to the hospital to round on their patients or perform procedures. They would show up there at odd times throughout the day, pick up their white coat, grab a cup of coffee, or just rest for a few minutes. Most of all, they talked to one another. Many senior physicians recall the doctors’ lounge as the most important hub of medical collegiality in the hospital.”

“The reasons for the decline of the doctors’ lounge are not difficult to fathom. Physician workloads are growing from year to year. They are expected to see more patients in shorter periods of time, electronic paperwork has become more onerous than ever, and the sheer complexity of medical practice is always increasing. As the intensity and length of the workday increases, time for non-urgent interaction inevitably gets crowded out.”

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