FDA Propose to Ban Most Powdered Medical Gloves

Medical Gloves - American Health Council

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) note in their announcement this week that:“The proposed ban applies to powdered surgeon’s gloves, powdered patient examination gloves and absorbable powder for lubricating a surgeon’s glove.”

“Dr. Jeffrey Shuren, director for Devices and Radiological Health at the FDA, says the purpose of the ban is to protect patients and health professionals from risks they may not even be aware of. The FDA say they considered all the available evidence before proposing the ban. They reviewed all the available scientific literature and comments they received following a Federal Register Notice they posted in February 2011. Powder in the form of cornstarch is sometimes added to gloves to make them easier for doctors, nurses and other health care professionals to put on and take off. But, note the FDA, there are several reasons why powdered gloves pose health risks.”

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