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See who’s in the spotlight on BestInNursing.org!

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Giving recognition where it’s due

In 2018, the American Health Council continues to expand on our Recognition Programs. Those who make the difference, those who give unconditionally — we see you. Each year, we recognize those employed across all areas of the healthcare industry who have helped foster improvements in education, medicine, research & treatment. The vitality of our nation is dependent upon these individuals and we say, “Thank you.”

Upon receiving your award nomination via email, you will be asked to verify your contact details so that an Affiliate Liaison may reach you. Our Affiliate Liaisons speak with healthcare professionals across the country in order to find those individuals with a dedication for advancing patient care and ensuring a positive future for our nation’s healthcare industry.

Award recipients are profiled on our “Best In…” web platforms — listed among the top 100 professionals in your state. Award announcements are also carried out on our social media platforms.

Those award recipients — who qualify — are also invited to join the American Health Council and are eligible for Affiliate Services. Affiliation is strictly reserved for those individuals who exemplify the highest standard of professional compassion and dedication for the betterment of American healthcare.

  • America’s Best in Medicine

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Proudly honoring the 100 Best Doctors across every state with our “Best in Medicine” awards. We recognize Doctors of all specialties — from Family Practitioners & Internists to Emergency Doctors, Psychiatrists & Radiologists. Learn more about this year’s recipients at America’s Best in Medicine.

  • America’s Best in Nursing

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We are proud to honor the 100 Best Nurses across every state with our “Best in Nursing” awards. Our recognition program awards a vast array of Nurses — from Clinical & Critical Care to Case Management and Nurse Advocates. Learn more about this year’s recipients at America’s Best in Nursing.

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