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We are doctors. educators. nurses. surgeons. therapists. researchers. pediatricians. paramedics. opticians. phlebotomists. audiologists. professors. pharmacists. chiropractors.

With a nationwide constituency comprising medical leaders and innovators, the American Health Council is capable of providing the most deliberate health care interventions. Our affiliate base consists of practitioners in allied health, dentistry, obstetrics, medicine, nursing, optometry, pharmacy, psychology & other health professions. This is further supported by our constituency’s educators, professors, researchers, and scientists.

By facilitating the exchange of information through advanced networking, the American Health Council remains dedicated to improving the overall well-being of the population, as well as alleviating the global burden of disease. Shared knowledge can lay the groundwork for preemptive action. Real-time collaboration gives way to better methodical reactions to address emerging problems. In this era of globalization, and in order to ensure our survival, we require national cooperation to combat sickness & disease that affects our country.

Intimately connected, our experts are aligned in their objective to maintain & improve the physical & mental health of Americans. Working hand in hand, our collective has self-created an unprecedented knowledge base & communication network. Through this network, coupled with the extensive services and outreach platforms that we provide, we continue to achieve this goal.

Our story…

In response to the intense politicization of American healthcare over the past two decades carried out by powerful trade groups and lobbyists, a small group of physicians and professors began discussing the role they play in the regulations defining the future of patient care. This soon evolved into a larger discussion, growing to include the wider base of healthcare industry professionals including nurses, administrators, and researchers. While their ideas and outlook for the future of the industry differed, they remained like-minded in their primary motivation — to provide better treatment for Americans.

In 2015, with funding secured from angel investors, the American Health Council was formed to provide a formal platform for healthcare professionals to congregate, and exchange ideas in an effort to push them forward. The initial round of funding was used to open the AHC’s primary headquarters in New York which would house a team of Affiliate Liaisons in an effort to expand the size and reach of the Council.

Since 2016, the AHC has grown steadily, welcoming Affiliates in all 50 states from both rural and metropolitan areas. Many Affiliates utilize professional services provided by the organization enabling them to distribute research work, extend social outreach, discover mentoring opportunities, and collaborate for legislative change. Through offering these services to the constituency, the AHC has since been able to sustain its operations and grow completely self-funded. Self-funding is a critical part of the AHC’s vision for its success. By eliminating the influence of outside parties and groups, the Council is able to serve the interests of its Affiliates unadulterated.

Affiliates of the American Health Council are grouped into Advisory Boards based upon specialty. These Advisory Boards serve as the breeding ground where new ideas come to fruition, and the impact of external events are assessed. Umbrellaed under the greater Council, these Advisory Boards then collaborate with one another to advance their initiatives cross-specialty. Affiliate input enables the AHC to serve as a channel in determining what concerns are of the greatest importance to healthcare industry professionals, and in providing those from all areas of healthcare the ability to work with one another in tackling these issues.

In building an organization representative of all professional participants — of all levels of experience and spanning generations — and doing so self-sufficiently, the American Health Council hopes to provide healthcare professionals with an influential voice in the decisions that affect patient treatment in America.

Our Mission? 5 Pillars for Progress


ad·vo·ca·cy   |   ˈad-və-kə-sē
providing a collective voice for our affiliate base; representing the interests & well-being of those who work in all fields constituting the healthcare industry.


bet·ter·ment   |   ˈbe-tər-mənt

helping to improve our nation’s healthcare system; striving to bring the healthcare industry to an elevated standard protecting the interests of patients, participants & providers.


con·gre·ga·tion   |   ˌkäŋ-gri-ˈgā-shən

providing both physical & virtual arenas for constituents of healthcare related fields to gather together for the purpose of sharing their experiences & expertise.


de·vel·op·ment   |   di-ˈve-ləp-mənt, dē-

providing affiliates with tools to further professional endeavors, promote their body of work & important causes, as well as foster the growth of the businesses & institutions they serve.


ed·u·ca·tion   |   ˌe-jə-ˈkā-shən

providing necessary health-related guidance to the American public; providing critical updates & instructional services to professionals in the healthcare industry; building mentoring relationships.

We are doctors. nurses. surgeons. therapists. pediatricians. paramedics. opticians. phlebotomists. audiologists. pharmacists. chiropractors.

Who are the Affiliates of the AHC?

We’ve been asked, “What type of individuals are Affiliates of the American Health Council?”

The answer to that question is what makes us so unique. At the AHC, there is no typical Affiliate.

From the coasts to the heartland, the American Health Council has drawn Affiliates from major metropolitan hubs and small communities. Our Affiliates span generations and have reached different stages of their careers — from recent graduates to retirees.

The AHC is where unexpected connections happen and through this synthesis, positive change occurs.

Here is where an Orthognathic Surgeon crosses paths with the Assembly Foreman at the plant which created the robotic arm used in her procedures — and upon expressing her frustration about a quirk in the functionality, they together identify the cause.

This is the American Health Council, where all components of the healthcare industry come together.


Accounting, CEO’s, Directors, Entrepreneurs, Executives, Finance, Gov’t. Representatives, Legal, Management, Public Relations

Educators & Researchers

Biomedical and Clinical Lab Research, Mentors, Professors, Public Health, Scholarly Research


Ambulatory, Case Management, Clinical, ER, Home Health, ICU, Oncology, Operating Room, Pediatric, Perioperative, Travel


Cardiologists, Internists, Family Practitioners, Medical Examiners, Neurologists, Orthopedics, Pediatricians, Radiologists, Surgeons

Support Staff

Attorneys, Assembly & Production, EMT, Pharma Liaisons, Radiology, Reimbursement Specialists, Ultrasound Technicians

How do I become an Affiliate?

Health care professionals — from all fields, specialties and levels of certification — are invited to join the American Health Council via the following two methods…

REFERRAL PROGRAM: Existing AHC Affiliates may nominate peers for inclusion. However, these nominees must then be reviewed by our Research Dept. and also qualified by a candidate interview.

AWARD PROGRAM: Award program recipients — who qualify based on their candidate interview — may be offered membership in the organization.

Our Research Department & Nomination Committee undertake a long & complicated process that begins with finding eligible candidates among the nearly 17 million Americans employed in various healthcare fields.

Through our stringent “8-Point” criteria & validated peer referrals, only the most highly qualified individuals are cleared to be vetted for affiliation by a candidate interview.

More information on the selection process is available here.

With a yearning to contribute & a passion to help others, candidates bring their unmatched skill sets & broad knowledge to strengthen our Affiliate base.

As Affiliates, constituents of the American Health Council are both esteemed and acknowledged as the principals in their respective fields. A badge of integrity, membership in our national organization is a recognized qualifier among medical professionals. Patients seeking assurance of superior knowledge and service look to find doctors and professionals with American Health Council affiliation.

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