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January 11, 2017/by Media Dept.
American Health Council

What is the American Health Council?

January 10, 2017/by Media Dept.
Mediterranean Diet - American Health Council

Mediterranean Diet may Have Lasting Effects on Brain Health

January 9, 2017/by Media Dept.

Have you Checked out American Health Council’s Reviews?

January 6, 2017/by Media Dept.

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January 5, 2017/by Media Dept.

Zinc Reduces ‘Wear and Tear’ on DNA

January 5, 2017/by Media Dept.
Cervical Cancer Awareness

Cervical Cancer Awareness

January 4, 2017/by Media Dept.

Whats your New Years Resolution Going to be?

December 30, 2016/by Media Dept.

Why Some HPV Infections go Away and Others Become Cancer

December 28, 2016/by Media Dept.
Alzheimers - AHC

Exercise May Be Real Medicine for Parkinson’s Disease

December 27, 2016/by Media Dept.
Holiday Stress

Top Tips for Fighting Holiday Stress

December 23, 2016/by Media Dept.
Pregnancy - AHC

Woman’s Brain Altered for Two Years After Pregnancy

December 22, 2016/by Media Dept.
FrenchFries - AHC

Cancer Spread is Increased by a High-Fat Diet

December 21, 2016/by Media Dept.
Stress - AHC

Emotional Reactions Trigger Adrenaline Release & Cause Goose Bumps

December 20, 2016/by Media Dept.
Water - American Health Council

Drinking More Water Associated With Numerous Dietary Benefits, Study Finds

December 19, 2016/by Media Dept.
AHC Nurses

Keep up to Date With the Latest Nursing News!

December 17, 2016/by Media Dept.
Red Wine Health - American Health Council

Red Wine & Prevention of Vascular Damage in Smokers

December 16, 2016/by Media Dept.

Rural Nursing Homes Falling Behind in Information Technology Development

December 15, 2016/by Media Dept.
Lung Cancer - AHC

Immune-Focused Drug Shows Promise Against Lung Cancer

December 14, 2016/by Media Dept.

Ibuprofen Could Reduce Smokers’ Risk of Death From Lung Cancer

December 13, 2016/by Media Dept.

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