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  • Cashew Brie – <em>Salmonella</em> Infections April 27, 2021
    Cashew Brie – Salmonella Infections
  • Ground Turkey – <em>Salmonella</em> Infections April 14, 2021
    These products have the establishment number “P-244” inside the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) mark of inspection. They were made on December 18-29, 2020, and were sold nationwide.
  • Wild Songbirds – <em>Salmonella</em> Infections April 9, 2021
    Birds can carry germs like Salmonella while looking healthy and clean. However, there are reports of wild songbirds, such as pine siskins (small, streaked, yellow-tinged songbirds in the finch family) sick with the same strain of Salmonella that is making people sick in this outbreak.
  • Small Turtles - <em>Salmonella</em> Infections February 23, 2021
    Pet turtles can carry Salmonella germs in their droppings even if they look healthy and clean. These germs can easily spread to their bodies, tank water, and anything in the area where they live and roam.
  • Queso Fresco – <em>Listeria</em> Infections February 19, 2021
    On February 16, 2021, Connecticut officialsexternal icon found Listeria in samples of El Albuelito brand queso fresco cheese collected from a store where a sick person bought Hispanic-style fresh and soft cheeses. Investigators are working to confirm if the Listeria bacteria found in this queso fresco is the same bacteria making people sick in this […]

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American Health Council

American Health Council – Our Members

January 11, 2017/by Media Dept.
American Health Council

What is the American Health Council?

January 10, 2017/by Media Dept.
Mediterranean Diet - American Health Council

Mediterranean Diet may Have Lasting Effects on Brain Health

January 9, 2017/by Media Dept.

Have you Checked out American Health Council’s Reviews?

January 6, 2017/by Media Dept.

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January 5, 2017/by Media Dept.

Zinc Reduces ‘Wear and Tear’ on DNA

January 5, 2017/by Media Dept.
Cervical Cancer Awareness

Cervical Cancer Awareness

January 4, 2017/by Media Dept.

Whats your New Years Resolution Going to be?

December 30, 2016/by Media Dept.

Why Some HPV Infections go Away and Others Become Cancer

December 28, 2016/by Media Dept.
Alzheimers - AHC

Exercise May Be Real Medicine for Parkinson’s Disease

December 27, 2016/by Media Dept.
Holiday Stress

Top Tips for Fighting Holiday Stress

December 23, 2016/by Media Dept.
Pregnancy - AHC

Woman’s Brain Altered for Two Years After Pregnancy

December 22, 2016/by Media Dept.
FrenchFries - AHC

Cancer Spread is Increased by a High-Fat Diet

December 21, 2016/by Media Dept.
Stress - AHC

Emotional Reactions Trigger Adrenaline Release & Cause Goose Bumps

December 20, 2016/by Media Dept.
Water - American Health Council

Drinking More Water Associated With Numerous Dietary Benefits, Study Finds

December 19, 2016/by Media Dept.
AHC Nurses

Keep up to Date With the Latest Nursing News!

December 17, 2016/by Media Dept.
Red Wine Health - American Health Council

Red Wine & Prevention of Vascular Damage in Smokers

December 16, 2016/by Media Dept.

Rural Nursing Homes Falling Behind in Information Technology Development

December 15, 2016/by Media Dept.
Lung Cancer - AHC

Immune-Focused Drug Shows Promise Against Lung Cancer

December 14, 2016/by Media Dept.

Ibuprofen Could Reduce Smokers’ Risk of Death From Lung Cancer

December 13, 2016/by Media Dept.

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