In Trump’s First 100 Days, Obamacare Repeal Still Unclear

NEW YORK, April 27, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — With the countdown to President Donald Trump’s “First 100 Days” milestone rapidly approaching, many Americans remain anxious about the direction that Obamacare repeal might take. Arguably, those most directly affected by modifications to the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act may very well be those serving on the front lines.

As healthcare markets welcomed those Americans who were formerly uninsured or restricted due to pre-existing conditions, all segments of America’s healthcare industry found themselves needing to adapt to regulations set forth by Obamacare and the shift in enrollment numbers. With President Trump elected on the promise that, “Obamacare is going to be repealed and replaced… Immediately. Fast. Quick,” and the GOP working to make good on that promise, once again, the healthcare industry finds itself bracing for change.

The nation’s leading advocate for healthcare professionals — the American Health Council, is concerned with how the repeal of the Affordable Care Act may impact the administrators, educators, practitioners and researchers serving America’s patient population.

Beyond continuous public opinion polls and news correspondents weighing on the fate of Obamacare, the organization is focused on publishing feedback from those directly impacted by potential regulatory changes — healthcare professionals. Specifically, the AHC is currently seeking opinions on the following:

  • What components of the ACA do you find most beneficial to American healthcare?
  • What changes would you choose to make to Obamacare?
  • How can healthcare professionals better prepare for the inevitability of upcoming changes?

Opinion pieces are welcome from all segments of the healthcare industry — administration, biotechnology, education, finance, medicine, pharmaceuticals, and research. Please restrict submissions to 1,000 words or less. The American Health Council will be reviewing and aggregating these pieces for a future publication. Submissions, or portions thereof, will be republished by the American Health Council across its networking, publishing, and social media platforms.

Please send submissions to

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