How to Prevent Painful Swimmer’s Ear

How to Prevent Painful Swimmer's Ear - Health Council

Swimmer’s ear is a common problem among children, especially in the summertime.  Swimmer’s ear is a ear infection due to bacteria entering the ear canal. There are many ways to treat this infection and they say to “never use a cotton swab to clean or dry the ear canal because it can damage the ear drum.”

“Swimmer’s ear causes pain when the outside of the ear is touched, said said Dr. Nina Shapiro, director of pediatric otolaryngology at Mattel Children’s Hospital of the University of California. Swimmer’s ear can be prevented by using the corner of a washcloth or towel to dry ears after swimming. If a hair dryer is available, use the low setting and place the dryer about one foot away from the ear to dry it, Shapiro said.”

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