Hospitals Hiring Chief Clinical Officers to Steer Toward Value-Based Care

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“As the push for value-based care demands that hospital executives better align services across the care continuum, hospitals are increasingly appointing chief clinical officers and in many instances the role is becoming clearly distinct from a traditional chief medical officer.The titles CMO and CCO have been frequently interchangeable, said Linda Komnick, principal and co-practice leader of Physician Integration and Leadership at executive search firm Witt/Kieffer.”

“But that is changing. Whereas CMOs are still integral for their ability to relate to physicians based on their own medical background, the CCO role takes on more of the patient engagement and clinical quality outcome work. CCOs must understand lean performance requirements, a management style designed to reduce excess waste and care quality, and also possess knowledge and familiarity with electronic health records as well as experience with the integration of quality data and, broadly, the ability to improve processes, Komnick added.”

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