Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How was I selected to join the AHC?

A: Health care professionals — from all fields, specialties and levels of certification — are invited to join the American Health Council via the following two methods…

REFERRAL PROGRAM: Existing AHC Affiliates may nominate peers for inclusion. However, these nominees must then be reviewed by our Research Dept. and also qualified by a candidate interview.

AWARD PROGRAM: Award program recipients — who qualify based on their candidate interview — may be offered membership in the organization.

Q: Are there any fees?

A: Paid products and services are available — at a discount — to Affiliates only.

Q: How long is the membership term? Are there renewal fees?

A: All AHC memberships are a lifetime term. There are no renewal fees.

Q: What are the membership benefits?

A: In order to help healthcare professionals advance their initiatives — both personal and public, the AHC currently provides the following benefits with all memberships…

ADVOCACY SUPPORT: Our Advocacy Team provides publishing, communication and social outreach for Affiliate requests for legislative and public-policy changes that advance patient care and protect the best interests of healthcare professionals.

EDUCATIONAL DISCOUNTS: Affiliates, and their immediate family members, receive higher education discounts from Kaplan University.

NETWORKING: All Affiliates have access to Networking.Healthcare — a comprehensive online networking platform for healthcare professionals. Network features include full cross-specialty communication, discussion groups, Q&A forums, as well as anonymous and private posting capabilities.

RELATIONSHIP BUILDING: AHC Liaisons directly assist with connecting members for all Affiliate needs — vetting guest speakers, facilitating employment opportunities, promoting research work, seeking available funding, etc.


All Affiliates have access to additional products and custom services at members-only discounted rates. These include: social content creation, editorial drafting services, media publishing and distribution platform access, content design services, web development assistance, recognition plaques, etc.

Q: How was I nominated for an award?

A: Our Research Dept. & Nomination Committee actively find and nominate candidates via the following process…

STEP 1 (IDENTIFY): Identify potential candidates through publicly available information including (but not limited to) the following: membership listings of healthcare associations, medical school alumni directories, state department of health licenses, medical practice registrations, etc.

STEP 2 (RESEARCH): Utilize open-source intelligence (OSINT) to compile profiles on these potential candidates. This information (education, employment history, location, awards received, memberships, etc.) is then calculated to score potential candidates.

STEP 3 (CALCULATE): The candidate score is a weighted algorithm designed so that can select a distinct variety of candidates — those with very different levels of work experience and education, and from different areas of the country. This is critical for our mission to build a diverse organization representative of all healthcare professionals.

STEP 4 (VERIFY & QUALIFY): The final step for selection is the candidate interview. This interview is conducted to verify all information compiled by the research team, and most importantly, to learn about the candidates’ motivations and ideas for the betterment of patient care.

Q: How do I receive the award?

A: As an award recipient, you’ll be featured as an awardee on “Best In Medicine” or “Best in Nursing.” The AHC also announces award winners on our website and social media platforms, sharing these honorees with our Affiliates and tagging award winners and the organizations they work with.

Also, to commemorate your award, we make a donation to charity in your honor. Currently, we are supporting the American Cancer Society.

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