Data 3.0 is Coming to Healthcare – Experts Foretell What That Means

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Hospitals that haven’t started making data actionable, explainable, trusted and contextualized should start now. Why the urgency? In two or three years, finding talented data scientists and other skilled workers is only going to get more difficult.

Health data is now on the verge of a new wave. Call it Data 3.0. At the core of this new age of healthcare analytics: data that is actionable, explainable, trusted and contextualized.

“Context is everything, especially in data,” said Tripp Jennings, chief value and informatics officer at Palmetto Health, speaking Oct. 24 at the HIMSS Big Data and Healthcare Analytics Forum.

To achieve that necessary context, health data has to be explainable so clinicians can understand why it’s important, according to Terry Sullivan, chief medical information officer of OnPointe. Ken McCardle, senior director of clinical data and analytics at Mount Sinai Health System, added that the information also has to be trustworthy.

Building on that notion of trusted and explainable data, Kayla Pelegrin, chief product owner of data informatics at 3M Health Information Systems added that data must also be actionable, so clinicians can effectively put it to work once they’re convinced to do so.

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