Breast Cancer Survivor Empowers Herself and Others

Breast Cancer Survivor Empowers Herself and Others - Health Council

“At age 35, Makeda McLune had just made a big change in her life. After years in the workforce, she decided to go back to school to complete her degree, and she enrolled full-time in college. As a new student, she wanted to take advantage of her school’s health care facilities, so she went in for a routine check-up that included a breast exam. She fully expected a clean bill of health.“That’s when the nurse practitioner did an exam and asked me if I’d noticed a lump that was on my right breast,” says McLune. In that moment, McLune realized that she might be in for another big life change – facing cancer.”

“Eventually, McLune was diagnosed with stage II invasive carcinoma and underwent a mastectomy of her right breast. As she went through treatment, she was pleased to find programs that helped address not only her physical health, but also her quality of life. When the American Cancer Society connected her with Look Good Feel Better, a free program that helps cancer patients manage the appearance-related side effects of treatment, she really loved the environment. “I told people, ‘This is so awesome. You have to go,’” she says. “It made you feel so positive and feminine.”

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