Cancer Spread is Increased by a High-Fat Diet

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A new study shows that intake of high-fat foods can enhance the cancer spread process. Professor Salvador Aznar Benitah, at the institute for Research in Barcelona, identified a protein called CD36 on cancer cells which has the capability of spreading and depends on fatty acids to do so.

“Although we have not yet tested this in all tumor types, we can state that CD36 is a general marker of metastatic cells, the first I know of that is generally specific to metastasis,” says Professor Benitah, Head of the Stem Cell and Cancer Lab at IRB Barcelona.”We expect this study to have a big impact on the scientific community and to further advances in metastasis research, and we hope to be able to validate the potential of CD36 as an anti-metastasis treatment. Things like this don’t happen every day.”

Source: Cancer spread is increased by a high-fat diet, ground-breaking evidence shows