What benefits are provided to affiliates of the American Health Council?


As a nationwide advocacy organization, the American Health Council provides comprehensive advocacy support for our affiliate base — all free of charge.

The focus of our advocacy work is determined solely by our affiliates, and is not influenced by outside parties. Too often are efforts of healthcare organizations dictated by their corporate donors and advertising clients to benefit their agenda.

At the AHC, we are 100% funded by the services we provide to our affiliates. In return, we serve their advocacy needs, and theirs alone.

Our advocacy includes, but not limited to:

  • Research and outreach
  • Editorial and publishing services
  • Petition development, implementation, and promotion
  • Promotional support for affiliate fundraising efforts

More information is available on our Advocacy page.

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Concierge Access

AHC members have exclusive access to our team of Affiliate Liaisons who provide one-on-one assistance to help advance each member’s professional needs.

Our liaisons personally connect you with affiliates from nearly all 50 states whose professions cover all aspects of the healthcare industry. AHC liaisons can direct you to our vast organizations and institutions repertoire, allowing you to form relationships with professionals from across the country who share your passion.

  • Are you looking for a speaker to present information on a particular topic at your institution?
  • Do you require a custom news and social media feed to alert you about specific developments in your industry?
  • Would you like to receive notifications regarding industry events and activities in your area?
  • Are you seeking assistance to find employment or hire faculty?
  • Do you need introductions to possible parties to fund your research?

These are just a handful of the countless personalized complimentary services our liaisons provide to our affiliates. Our goal is to help healthcare professionals continue to succeed through our services, so they may be afforded more time and energy to focus on advancing patient care.

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Continuing Education

The AHC and Kaplan University are aligned on their mission to provide opportunity, access, and innovation in higher education for health care professionals.

AHC affiliate members and their immediate family members can take advantage of:

  • 18% tuition reduction on all Kaplan University online undergraduate degree programs
  • 14% tuition reduction on all Kaplan University online graduate degree programs

Other benefits include:

  • Your on-the-job training or experience might translate into college credits and a shorter path at Kaplan University.
  • With more than 180 programs available, earn your associate’s, bachelor’s, master’s, or doctoral degree.
  • Experience an undergraduate program for an introductory three-week trial period with no financial obligation.
  • Multiple start dates are available, as classes begin every 11 weeks.

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We encourage and welcome businesses and organizations nationwide to reward healthcare professionals for their tireless efforts by providing discounts to their services.

In addition to providing our affiliates with educational discounts at Kaplan University and complimentary access to Networking.Healthcare, the AHC presently has arranged discounts with the parties listed below:

Organic and sustainable ingredients & delicious recipes delivered weekly —
Paleo, Lean & Clean, Gluten-Free, Vegan and more via Sun Basket.

With style, quality and above all, customer satisfaction, Uniform Advantage provides real values for professionals with their wide selection of professional uniforms, scrubs, shoes and medical accessories.


All affiliates are provided with complimentary access to Networking.Healthcare, America’s premier healthcare networking site. The service brings together an array of healthcare professionals from all sectors of the healthcare industry nationwide.

Networking.Healthcare is the only networking service that bridges the gap between the classroom and the board room, the laboratory and the operating room, and the manufacturing facility and the emergency room through cross-sector information sharing and collaboration. The comprehensive site provides an array of tools that bring ideas and solutions to fruition at an unprecedented rate.

Network features:

  • Real-time collaboration with healthcare professionals nationwide from all specialties
  • Group discussion forums for specific industries, fields and interests
  • Private messaging via direct message, inbox and closed groups
  • Anonymous posting capabilities to ensure privacy and receive professional feedback
  • Share job openings, research studies, legislative initiatives, news and calendar events

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Premium Services

Whether for professional development or personal growth, implementing change or advancing ideas, the AHC has assembled a suite of customized services specifically designed for the needs of healthcare professionals. These optional services are available only to affiliates starting at $189.

These services are not only a vital tool for our affiliates, but they are a critical component for the function of the organization. As a 100% self-funded organization, proceeds from these services are our sole source of revenue.

The AHC uses the size of our organization and our collective bargaining power to provide these high-quality services to our affiliates at deep discounts not available to the general public.

These services include:

  • Editorial drafting & proofing
  • Digital & print publishing
  • Digital content creation
  • Social media development

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What premium services are available to affiliates of the American Health Council?


We assist our Affiliates in reaching a broader audience for their current projects and initiatives. Access to our exclusive media distribution partnerships is only made available to qualified Affiliates of the American Health Council. Our channels are both online and print, and include national, state and local publications, as well as an extensive selection of specialty-specific healthcare trade journals.


Our editorial department provides affiliates with personalized content tailored specifically to fit each affiliate’s profession. While focusing on healthcare writing and emphasizing narrative medicine, our editorial staff composes press releases that highlight our affiliate’s accomplishments, professional milestones, accolades, groundbreaking research advancement and more. Each press release is crafted with precise and immaculate dedication to suit its respective affiliate’s taste, focusing extensively on academic and educational achievements. Professional profiles constructed by our editorial staff are exclusive to each affiliate, as no two healthcare professionals are alike. To stimulate professional and personal growth, we offer resume revision and construction options to our affiliates, as well as create blog content to showcase their expertise and services offered in their practice.


Blending eye-catching visual content with relevant, informative dialogue is the perfect recipe for dynamic interaction. Stretching across all computer-mediated technology platforms, we provide our Affiliates with a comprehensive suite of social media resources. The American Health Council is a community participant providing our Affiliates with the rich information and updates they seek. We also provide our Affiliates with access to our expansive audience so they may propagate their work and message. For those Affiliates looking to take further initiative in enhancing their social media presence independently, we provide content assistance and help in establishing interpersonal connections.



To enhance our affiliates’ professional advancement, the American Health Council documents each milestone through digital content creation to increase our affiliates’ digital footprint. We encourage our affiliates to advocate the tireless efforts they devote to their profession as we create comprehensive professional profiles on an array of social media platforms, including Networking.Healthcare. We securely publish innovative content related to each affiliates’ profession to their respective profile including videos, photographs, academic presentations and professional publications including research, studies, journal excerpts and news features. We create a diverse collection of content to showcase our affiliates’ skills, which is immediately broadcasted nationwide for thousands of healthcare professionals to view at their leisure. These services act as a catalyst for our affiliates as their professional work increases readership to yield optimal networking results.


The American Health Council is expanding our Affiliate Services to offer Fraud & Scam Protection. Utilizing our vast network & resources, we aim to alert our constituency of illegitimate organizations attempting to take advantage of the people our nation relies on most for their health & well-being. We are currently communicating with our Affiliate base, and the general public, to detect the latest instances of fraud & scams targeting healthcare professionals. Once these illegitimate activities have been identified, we are alerting our Affiliates via our newsletters, social media outlets, networking platform & website, so that they may better protect themselves from such fraudulent activities. Learn more…

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