American Health Councils Facebook: The Benefits

The American Health Council has added more features to its Facebook Page! As the American Health Council facilitates the exchange of information through social media and advanced networking, we continue to remain dedicated to improving the overall well-being of the population. With our added Facebook features, our experts can more effectively improve the physical and mental health of Americans.

With Facebook constantly improving its features, it’s almost impossible not to take advantage. On American Health Council’s Facebook Page, you are now able to view our Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and YouTube all in one place! You’re even allowed to “Follow,” “Like,” and “Share” Photos, Tweets, Pins, and Videos to your own Facebook wall.

In addition, we are consistently updating our events section, where you can find Upcoming Events including Conferences, Blood Drives, Awareness & Cause promotions from a variety of institutions, organizations, and charities. We have also added a “Notes” tab to our Facebook Page, where you can find American Health Council’s most popular releases and news.

The American Health Council believes education lays the groundwork for preemptive action and Facebook enables us to share the gift that keeps on giving — knowledge.

View American Health Council’s Facebook here: