American Health Council Highlights Dr. Donna Nimec’s Medical Research

By Elizabeth Moore — News & Updates

Donna Nimec, MDThe American Health Council is proud to showcase and highlight Dr. Donna Nimec’s body of research concerning Gait Analysis. A current Pediatric Physiatrist situated in Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital, Dr. Nimec has co-authored multiple PubMed articles on subjects pertaining to technological aids in gait training, specifically for children and adults with Cerebral Palsy.

In a September 2014 article titled Cortical somatosensory reorganization in children with spastic cerebral palsy: a multimodal neuroimaging study, observations on the developing brain within children afflicted with cerebral palsy were made. The study, in which “three different neuroimaging modalities” were tested in ten children (“four with diplegic CP (DCP), three with hemiplegic CP (HCP), and three typically developing (TD) children”), and sensory networks were stimulated in various ways. The study resulted in finding which “suggest an abnormal SS processing mechanism in the sensorimotor network of children with CP possibly as a result of diminished thalamocortical projections”.

Another co-authored abstract of Dr. Nimec concerns treatments for children with CP proven to aid in the ongoing survival to adulthood. “Adults with CP show an increased prevalence of pain, fatigue, and musculoskeletal dysfunction, leading to a decrease in ambulatory function”, it states. “Recent work has demonstrated the potential benefits of intensive task-specific gait training, including the use of robotic-driven gait orthoses, on motor recovery in children with CP. In contrast, reports of interventions aimed at improving motor function in adults with CP are lacking. This case study reports on the outcomes of a 6-week intervention of robotic-assisted gait training administered to a 52-year-old woman with right hemiplegia attributable to CP. Improvements were noted in balance, walking speed, and time to negotiate stairs at posttraining and follow-up. Gait analysis showed an increase in step length and a reduction in the period of double support. In conclusion, robotic-assisted gait training may be beneficial in enhancing locomotor function in adults with CP.”

Dr. Nimec’s other research studies have further covered and extended beyond technological advances and implications surrounding the betterment of children and adults with Cerebral Palsy. The American Health Council anticipates Dr. Nimec’s potential research contributions to further engage in the betterment of healthcare.

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