Alarming Rise in Cost of Lifesaving EpiPen Devices

Epipen - American Health Council

“For some people, falling prey to a bee sting or accidentally eating a peanut can mean death. Now skyrocketing costs of a pocket antidote — the EpiPen — adds another form of panic.When the severe allergies strike, calling 911 can’t hope to bring help soon enough to people with a severe reaction. So they reach for the gadget about the size of a highlighting pen. It carries a cheap, long since generic drug that can reverse a severe drop in blood pressure, a speeding heart rate and the swelling shut of an airway. In short, it’s a lifesaver.”

“The cost of those EpiPens — a trademarked device made by Mylan N.V. — has quickly soared. When Mylan bought the rights to the autoinjector in 2007, a pair of its EpiPens sold for less than $60. Now they can sometimes cost patients more than $600.

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