AHC Affiliate Addresses Issues of Nursing Diversity

By Elizabeth Moore — Best in Nursing 

As a “Leader in Nursing” among the myriad of American Health Council’s honored Nursing professionals, Dr. Sharon Metcalfe, the current Interim Director of Nursing at Western Carolina University, has published several articles relating to cultural competence. The American Health Council is proud to highlight Dr. Metcalfe’s among “America’s Best Nurses”, emphasizing her transformative research on Nursing diversity, Collaborative Cultural Learning, and surrounding issues concerning the field of Medicine.

Dr. Metcalfe’s numerous articles can be found on ResearchGate, often highlighting the surrounding issues of diversity within the Nursing workforce. In an August 2016 article titled “Second Life Patient Scenarios: Enhancing the Diversity of the Nursing Profession”, Dr. Metcalfe emphasizes the issues surrounding the dominance of white nurses and the efforts created to enforce the influx of diverse students within the Appalachian area, describing “an innovative 3-year program in which one rural university in the southeast used a virtual environment, Second Life, to expose secondary students to nursing through role-playing as avatars interacting with patient case scenarios”.

At the 4th International Conference on Nursing & Healthcare in October 2015, Dr. Metcalfe discussed funding and programs to help boost nursing diversity, including initiating workforce diversity programs based on “evidence-based practice techniques to increase the number of students to graduate”. Dr. Metcalfe then elaborates on pre-nursing programs and pipeline programs for high school students from “rural and diverse backgrounds from…. underrepresented ethnic minorities”.

Other industry-related articles written by Dr. Metcalfe cover Collaborate Mentoring and philosophical approaches to Nursing, where she acknowledges recent economical shifts which influence the major issues surrounding nursing education diversity, and the methods used to combat other controversies surrounding non-white student enrollments. Dr. Metcalfe has also published 2 projects in 2016 concerning the NN-CAT Nurse Mentoring Program, which provides “a nursing mentor to an underrepresented ethnic minority and educationally disadvantaged students, as well as a significant scholarship and stipend for tuition and monthly living expenses”.

Along with Dr. Metcalfe’s present endeavors, her research continues to aid in the ongoing efforts for a more diverse workforce within Nursing and other sub-fields. The American Health Council thanks Dr. Metcalfe for her benefactions and contributions which continue to make the AHC a revolutionary platform for both healthcare providers and professionals alike.

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