Too often, those employed in the healthcare industry are marginalized and disempowered by the government and institutions they serve. As industry power further consolidates to a mere handful of companies, trade groups and lobbyists continue to amass control over the healthcare workforce.

The American Health Council remains steadfast in our mission to provide a collective voice for all our affiliates. Completely self-funded, remaining outside the influence of third-parties, we solely represent the interests & well-being of those who selflessly dedicate their professional lives to providing better patient care and advancement in healthcare.

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The American Health Council is assisting parents, educators and nurses nationwide with our advocacy campaign for “1 School 1 Nurse.” This is in direct response to the American Academy of Pediatrics policy statement recommending a full time nurse in every school.

Recently, at the request of our Affiliate nurses in Florida, we initiated a campaign petitioning Gov. Scott to provide additional funding to schools in Florida so that they may staff nurses according to the AAP recommendation.

Over the coming months, we will be expanding the program as well as the information on this website. Please visit our campaign site 1school1nurse,org regularly for updates to the #1school1nurse initiative.

If you wish to contact the AHC and request support for better nursing staffing in your state, please contact

At the request of our affiliates, the American Health Council is assisting parents, children, workers, and elected officials in preventing the merger of the Western New York Children’s Psychiatric Center into Buffalo Psychiatric Adult Center.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo and Mental Health Commissioner Ann Sullivan are working together to combine the facilities. However, they are mistakenly ignoring how invaluable a resource the WNYCPC truly is.

With bi-partisan support, State Sen. Patrick Gallivan (R) and Sen. Timothy Kennedy (D), as well as State Assembly members Michael Kearns (D) and Crystal Peoples-Stokes (D), have all voiced their strong opinion in favor of the WNYCPC.

A facility specifically designed to be therapeutic for children through its myriad services and excellent location, the WNYCPC has obtained one of the lowest rates of seclusion and restraint. This facility should not be combined with an adult psychiatric center, as it would only be detrimental to the safety, mental health, and well-being of vulnerable children.

On Nov. 30, 2017, Gov. Cuomo vetoed the proposal preventing the merger of the facilities. However, this has not stopped Sen. Gallivan from calling upon other legislators to override the veto. His efforts are not alone, as Assemblyman Kearns rallies his fellow assemblymen to override the governor’s unreasonable actions.

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