Tips for Nurses Working with Elderly Patients

Tips for Nurses Working with Elderly Patients - Health Council

Regina Mason, MSN, RN, GNP-BC, said from the moment she started nursing school, she knew she wanted to work with the elderly. She provides us with some insight on working with elderly patients:

“I believe that in order to find the right career path, one must search deep within to find what motivates them and most importantly what one is passionate about,” Mason said. “For me, I was motivated by my childhood experience. In my youth I was always surrounded by older adults and valued the wealth of knowledge and wisdom they had to share.”

“Beyond motivation to succeed in gerontological care, nurses should also possess an acute level of “patience, compassion and good active listening skills.” These traits, she said, will not only come in handy, but are “critical for successfully caring for older adults.”

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