Melanoma Survivor: ‘Remember What You’re Fighting For’

Melanoma Survivor: ‘Remember What You’re Fighting For’ - Health Council

“When Kelli Martucci moved from Michigan to New York in 2001, she felt like she was beginning a brand new stage of her life. She had beaten melanoma skin cancer, graduated from high school, and was about to start college at Long Island University. But just a few years later, the cancer came back. “My life was put on hold again,” she says. Doctors prescribed a challenging course of treatment that required her to be hospitalized, and gave her a low chance of surviving.”

“My advice for anyone going through treatment is to concentrate on what makes you happy and take your mind to that place,” said Martucci. “You should never forget the end goal and what you are fighting for. I was given another chance, and for that I am forever grateful.”

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