Acne Drug Extremely Harmful for Pregnant Women

Acne Drug Extremely Harmful for Pregnant Women - Health Council

Researcher’s have found a drug called “Isotretinoin” which is used to treat sever acne, can actually be very harmful to a fetus. It can cause “craniofacial, cardiac, and central nervous system defects.” The likelihood of a miscarriage or medical termination is also at a high risk, if this drug is consumed during pregnancy.

“Researchers looked at anonymized patient records for 59,271 women taking isotretinoin aged 12 to 48 years in four Canadian provinces — British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Ontario — between 1996 and 2011. Over the 15-year study period, there were 1473 pregnancies, 118 (8%) of which resulted in live births; of those, 11 (9%) were identified as having congenital abnormalities.”

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