Researcher’s Identify why Humans Have the Largest Cerebral Cortex

Researcher's Identify why Humans Have the Largest Cerebral Cortex - Health Council

“The expansion of the cerebral cortex sets humans apart from the rest of their fellow primates. Yet scientists have long wondered what mechanisms are responsible for this evolutionary development. New research has pinpointed a specific long nocoding ribonucleic acid that regulates neural development.”

“This lncND, as we’ve called it, can be found only in the branch of primates that leads to humans. It is a stretch of nucleotides that does not code a protein,” said senior author Kenneth S. Kosik, the Harriman Professor of Neuroscience Research in UCSB’s Department of Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology. We demonstrate that lncND is turned on during development and turned off when the cell matures.”

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