Stress Really does Affect Male and Females Differently

Stress Really does Affect Males and Females Differently - Health Council

As we all know, men and women think and handle things differently, especially stress. In our brain, our hypothalamus which handles many functions, regulates our emotions and helps the body to adjust to certain situations. A ccording to Dr. Kuperman:

“Prof. Chen and his group characterized the cells in a certain area of the hypothalamus, finding that the receptor is expressed in around half of the cells that arouse appetite and suppress energy consumption. These cells comprise one of two main populations in the hypothalamus — the second promotes satiety and the burning of energy. “This was a bit of a surprise,” says Dr. Kuperman, “as we would instinctively expect the receptor to be expressed on the cells that suppress hunger.”

“Among other things — the findings show that male and female bodies may exhibit significant differences in the ways that materials are exchanged under stress. Indeed, the fact that the receptor suppresses hunger in females may help explain why women are much more prone to eating disorders than men.”

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