Treatment for Cancer is Less Likely for HIV Patients

Treatment for Cancer is Less Likely for HIV Patients - Health Council

Yesterday was HIV Vaccine Awareness Day. Continuing the education and awareness of this disease, we come to learn that HIV patients are less likely to get treatment for cancer. According to the U.S.  Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 1.2 million people are thought to be infected with HIV.

“As an example, for upper gastrointestinal cancer such as esophageal cancer, four out of 10 HIV-infected patients did not receive cancer treatment, while two out of 10 uninfected patients did not receive treatment.”

Under the many circumstances, the reasoning for a lack of treatment varies upon the doctor and patient choices. We have come very far in medicine and progression with specific diseases and HIV is one of them. Many people who are infected with HIV are now living well into old age, were before their lifespan wasn’t as known. But a big factor that is taken into consideration is how the cancer medicine would interact with the HIV medicine. But cancer is growing in HIV patients and researchers are still continuing the study of this whole epidemic.

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