Gluten Free for Kids May do More Harm Than Good

Gluten Free for Kids May do More Harm Than Good - Health Council

“A new article in the Journal of Pediatrics says that following a gluten-free diet may do more harm than good for children who don’t have celiac disease. The article is authored by a Columbia University gastroenterologist and appears in the Journal’s Commentary section. The increasing popularity of the GFD [gluten-free diet] has important implications for children. Parents sometimes place their children on a GFD in the belief that it relieves symptoms, can prevent CD [celiac disease], or is a healthy alternative without previous testing for CD or consultation with a dietitian,” the article states. “… There is no evidence that processed gluten-free foods are healthier than their gluten-containing counterparts, nor have there been proven health or nutritional benefits of a GFD, except as indicated previously in this commentary.”

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