Why Juicing Does NOT Cleanse The Body Of Any Toxins

Why Juicing Does NOT Cleanse The Body Of Any Toxins - Health Council

With summer right around the corner, many people feel the pressure to start the diet they should of months ago. You realize the time is now, and know of a few ways to jump start the process. Whether it’s cutting out the carbs, going to the gym, or starting a very trending juice “cleanse.” This juice cleanse phenomenon has been amped up and promoted all over social media, and has definitely peaked the interest of many. However, a great deal of us don’t even know why we should pursue it other than it “cleanses the body of toxins,” but is that even real? Dr. Saddler, a gastroenterologist thought the same thing and wanted some insight on this trend. Even Dr. Woodson Merrell, who wrote the book “The Detox Prescription, ” has a chance to shed some light on this inquiry. Dr. Merrell said “that what it comes down to for him is that Americans need to eat more vegetables, period. If juicing is the path to that, great.” Needless to say Dr. Saddler finally found her answer.

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