Valeria Robinson-Baker, B.S.Pharm., R.Ph., C.Ph., is Appointed to the American Health Council’s Industry Board

The American Health Council appoints Valeria Robinson-Baker, B.S.Pharm., R.Ph., C.Ph., to its Industry Board. A supervisor of the Non-Sterile Compounding and Hazardous Drugs Program at the state-of-the-art FDA Outsourcing Facility, Olympia Compounding Pharmacy in Windermere, Fla., Ms. Robinson-Baker oversees the operations of the non-sterile compounding area and staff. She creates and implements c-GMP standard operating procedures (SOP) for the unit. She was instrumental to the establishment of the Sterile Compounding side of the facility upon its opening in 2013. Serving dual role as Sterile Compounding Pharmacist Supervisor and Acting Quality Manager she was immersed learning new skills that were cutting edge in the compounding pharmacy industry. While she has held her current role for nearly two years, Ms. Robinson-Baker has spent 38 years in the healthcare industry garnering comprehensive leadership skills and knowledge in hospital, compounding, consultant pharmacy and Pharmacy Administration.

After her father’s death when she was 10 years old, Ms. Robinson-Baker was inspired to ease the suffering of others. It was his example of strength and the ever-present advice from her mother, that led her to pursue a career in the healthcare industry. She enrolled at the Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University and earned a Bachelor of Pharmacy degree in 1979. To strengthen her skills, she pursed a licensure as a Consultant Pharmacist, and continued by obtaining certifications in Pharmacy Regulatory Specialist, Medication Therapy Management (MTM), FEMA Emergency Preparedness, Women’s Health Issues and Pharmacy-Based Immunizations.

Throughout her career, Ms. Robinson-Baker assumed various leadership roles that enhanced her skills and expertise. She first served as the director of pharmacy at Sand Lake Hospital (now known as Dr. Phillips Hospital) for 11 years and subsequently served as Pharmacy Director Orlando Regional Medical Center in 2008, where she managed budgetary activities, planned and executed facility goals and directives, managed a staff of 43 pharmacists and certified pharmacy technicians. She played an instrumental role in the significant growth of clinical programs, revenue and staff development. After departing from Osceola Medical Center in 2011, she accepted a four-month interim director of pharmacy role at Lower Keys Medical Center before accepting a full-time director of pharmacy role at St. Cloud Hospital. At the latter, she provided management of all budgetary activities, directed a staff of six employees and their clinical development to meet the requirements for medication management by state and federal regulatory agencies. Additionally, she trained aseptic technique to new employees and pharmacy technician students and served as co-chair of the Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee, among several duties. Ms. Robinson-Baker was very active in community-based programs such as Junior Achievement and serving on the board of The Central Florida YMCA.

After departing from St. Cloud Hospital in 2013, Ms. Robinson-Baker served as a supervising pharmacist for sterile compounding and pharmacy regulatory specialist at Olympia Consulting Compound Pharmacy’s Outsourcing Facility. The following year, she simultaneously served as acting quality manager at Olympia Compounding Pharmacy from May to December 2014. In that role, she trained staff to meet high-risk sterile compounding practices and guidelines, implemented the Environmental Monitoring Program, ensured compliance with current Good Manufacturing Practice, Good Documentation Practices and directed the Quality Control Program, among other duties.

In 2015, she departed from Olympia Consulting Compound and accepted a consulting advisor role at Guidepoint, where she continues to recruit accomplished professionals in their fields to become advisors for Guidepoint. In early 2017, Ms. Robinson-Baker returned to Olympia Compounding Pharmacy and has since served as supervisor of the Non-Sterile Compounding and Hazardous Drugs Program. She designed the Hazardous Drugs Program to serve as an educational tool for staff meeting OSHA and NIOSH recommendations on safe handling of Hazardous Drugs. She originally set up the Sterile Compounding area to become a 503B Outsourcing facility and is one of three leaders who acts as a point of contact for the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and state inspections.

Ms. Robinson-Baker is a preceptor for two universities to provide an overview of compounding skills future pharmacists.  She is also preceptor for a consultant pharmacist through the Board of Pharmacy, as well serving as a preceptor for several pharmacy technician training programs. She is a praised professional as she has received various honors and accolades, including the Distinguished Service Award from the Florida Pharmacy Association, she was appointed to Governor Bush’s Florida Diabetes Advisory Council, she received the Central District Society of Hospital Pharmacist Service Award, the Central Florida Medical Society Auxiliary Service Award, the Florida Commission Women’s Award and the Florida A & M University’s President Millennium Award. She was named on the Who’s Who Among Executive and Professional Women in Medicine and Healthcare and served as a Central Florida’s Boys and Girls Club Board member, a Hebini Nutrition Consultant Board member, president of the Orlando Chapter of The Links Incorporated, president of the Central Florida Medical Society Auxiliary and treasurer of the American Society of Black Hospital Pharmacists. Additionally, she is an active member of the Florida Pharmacy Association, the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists and IACP.

In her free time, she enjoys reading and traveling. She is very proud of her family, as her daughter Dr. Brittney Baker is following her footsteps and is a practicing compounding pharmacist. Her second daughter, Camille Victoria Baker, is developing an application and was recognized in INC Magazine’s “30 Under 30: America’s Inspiring Young Entrepreneurs” as a result. Ms. Robinson-Baker’s success stems from a true love for her work and her desire to have options in her career. She is an ever-evolving professional and diversifies her skills to increase her career choices. She plans to continue to excel her career in the future by creating a new business in the land development field in Tallahassee, Fla.

Valeria Robinson-Baker

B.S.Pharm., R.Ph., C.Ph.

Supervisor of the Non-Sterile Compounding and Hazardous Drugs Program at Olympia Compounding Pharmacy

  • Olympia Pharmacy is now a registered FDA Outsourcing Facility. Outsourcing facilities are sometimes referred to as 503B facilities because 503B refers to the filling of “office use” or “office administered” medications.
  • Olympia Pharmacy offers services in Men’s Health, Women’s Health, Anti-Aging, Weight Management, IV Nutrient Therapy, Refill Request.
  • Part of Olympia’s mission is to provide patients and providers with access to essential resources to learn more about compounding and compliance as well as other organizations that offer information and support for its industry and on compounded medications. Olympia makes readily available the latest compounding industry information so that our customers are always well informed.


Accolades and Accomplishments  

  • Distinguished Service Award from the Florida Pharmacy Association
  • Appointment to Governor Bush’s Florida Diabetes Advisory Council
  • Central District Society of Hospital Pharmacist Service Award
  • Central Florida Medical Society Auxiliary Service Award
  • Florida Commission Women’s Award
  • Florida A.& M. University’s Presidents Millennium Award
  • Who’s Who among Executive and Professional Women in Medicine and Healthcare
  • Central Florida’s Boys and Girls Club Board Member
  • Hebin Nutrition Consultant Board Member
  • President, The Orlando Chapter of The Links Incorporated
  • President. The Central Florida Medical Society Auxiliary
  • Treasurer, The American Society of Black Hospital Pharmacist