The American Health Council welcomes Ms. Meladie Mitchell to the Nursing Board

Ms. Meladie Mitchell’s vast contributions to the healthcare industry have been recognized by her appointment onto the prestigious Nursing Board of the American Health Council. Ms. Mitchell has been a staff nurse II at the Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center for 18 months but has spent an impressive 24 years working in the healthcare industry.

Ms. Mitchell realized in her later high school years that she wanted to pursue a career that was dedicated to caring for others. She was heavily involved in the care of her sick grandmother and since then, she could not envision herself in any other profession. This led to her pursing her BSN in Nursing from the Winston Salem State University, from which she graduated in 1994. In addition, she is now also studying for an MSN-FNP at Walden University. She will graduate from this course in 2019. Within her extensive nursing studies, Ms. Mitchell has gained extensive and valuable knowledge in gerontology alongside her specialisms in dialysis and nephrology.

The Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center, situated on Medical Center Boulevard, Winston-Salem, NC, is a diverse institution that offers many different branches of care. The center comprises of over 1000 beds that are used for a variety of patients include those with acute care needs as well as those with both physical and mental health conditions. The center also provides services for outpatients as well as providing a medical information and advice point for those in the community who require assistance. For Ms. Mitchell specifically, her responsibilities include looking after patients requiring acute care and those who are chronic stage renal and dialysis patients. This involves caring for patients who may require one of three different tiers of treatment. These different tiers are CRRT patients, who need dialysis 24 hours a day, patients who require 3 hours of dialysis per day and those who need peritoneal dialysis, which is an overnight treatment. This allows her to meet a broad range of different individuals on a day to day basis. In addition, she is also involved with pediatric individuals who require treatments overnight and babies on NICU for an estimated 18 to 24 hours per day. To expand her knowledge further, Ms. Mitchell is a member of both the American Nurses Association and the American Association of Nephrology Nurses.

Ms. Mitchell recognizes that her job is very demanding and strenuous however this is not off-putting for her as the role is reward and she feels constant gratitude from her patients. Ms. Mitchell could not picture herself in any job and often receives gifts, cards and kind words of thanks from her patients, which makes all the hard work worthwhile. She prides herself on her ability to see the good in predominantly negative situations and is passionate about helping patients and families to do the same. She strives to alleviate the worries and fears of her patients and is always available if a patient just wants to be listened to.

Ms. Mitchell credits her success to the natural empathy that she has for others less fortunate. This deeply ingrained passion to care for others is what has driven her towards professional success. Ms. Mitchell’s mother always motivated her towards her career goals and, from a young age, taught her daughter that caring for others was vitally important. Her mother encouraged Ms. Mitchell to use her life to make a difference to the world around her so that her life was not lived in vain. Ms. Mitchell is a proud thyroid cancer survivor and uses this as her motivation to push for changes within the world. In her free time, Ms. Mitchell loves to spend time with her husband, a US veteran, and singing in the Galilee Missionary Baptist Church choir as well as maintaining a healthy lifestyle by going to the gym regularly. She also extensively contributes to her community through working with a number of different charities. These include the Missionary of Health congregation resources community outreach and Annual Health Fair (education screenings) and American Cancer Society. This is alongside assisting her husband who volunteers for Meals on Wheels.

Within the next five years, Ms. Mitchell will finish her MSN-FNP and would like to progress her career towards diagnosing and assessing patients with acute conditions. She would like to move into a specifically community involved practice that assists the elderly, who she believes require more care than ever due an aging population. There is also an option that she may even open her own practice in the future.

Meladie Mitchell


Staff Nurse at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center

  • Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center is an integrated system that operates 1,004 acute care, rehabilitation and psychiatric care beds, outpatient services, and community health and information centers.
  • Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center is a preeminent, internationally recognized academic medical center of the highest quality with balanced excellence in patient care, research and education.