The American Health Council Welcomes Mara Hlabse, MSN, DNP to its Nursing Board

Mara Hlabse, MSN, DNP is appointed to the American Health Council’s Board of Nurses for her outstanding efforts and research within the nursing field. As a nurse practitioner at Mid-Ohio Emergency Services in Westerville, Ohio, Ms. Hlabse ensures that patients receive high-quality care throughout their stay at the facility. For nearly four years, she has administered services within her Emergency Medicine expertise at Mid-Ohio Emergency Services. With 12 years of experience in the healthcare industry, Ms. Hlabse uses her skills daily to protect and provide the best care for her patients.

Her interest in the medical field flourished after constant exposure to her mother’s career in research. Ms. Hlabse always wanted to pursue a career in the healthcare field, and her mother’s career inspired her to not only pursue a career in the nursing field, but to plunge into the research field as well. She enrolled at Miami University in Ohio, and earned a bachelor’s degree in zoology in 2003. By 2009, she received her master’s in nursing from Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, and later earned her Doctor of Nursing Practice degree from the same institution in 2013.

At Mid-Ohio Emergency Services, Ms. Hlabse maintains a rigorous schedule as she works in the emergency department in three large inner-city hospitals and three community hospitals. She utilizes each skill she gained from years of education and training each day as she oversees patients independently and in conjunction with physicians. Many of her patients suffer from pregnancy issues or acute cases such as cardiac or stoke, and she attentively cares for each one. Ms. Hlabse and her fellow physicians and nurses advocate for their patients and their ailments in an efficient and appropriate manner.

As a successful nurse practitioner, Ms. Hlabse has garnered several professional accomplishments throughout her time in the medical field. Following her mother’s research footsteps, she teamed up with David Effron, a doctor and assistant professor at Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine, to publish “The Non-Healing Tattoo.” The article, which appeared on Emergency Physicians Monthly in 2011, chronicles the pair’s encounter with a patient whose tattoo failed to heal properly and as a result, became infected. In conjunction with fellow nurse practitioners, she later published “Supports and Barriers to Successful Progression in a DNP Program: Students’ and Graduates’ Perspectives,” (Nurse Educator, September/October 2016, Volume 41, Issue 5, p. 256-261), a study that examined students in a doctor of nursing practice program.

With a rewarding career at hand, Ms. Hlabse’s outstanding skills and positive influence earned her the University Hospitals of Cleveland’s 2013 Leadership Excellence Award. Combining a strong work ethic with a research background — and education from two academic institutions heavy in research — she is a leading nurse and researcher in her field. She attributes her success to starting as a patient transporter, a position that helped her understand all aspects of the work environment. To continue her quest for knowledge and exploration within the nursing field, Ms. Hlabse is a member of several associations, including the Ohio Association of Advanced Practice Nurses, American Association of Nurse Practitioners and the Sigma Theta Tau International, Alpha Mu Chapter, Honor Society of Nursing. She also participates in the Field of Heroes 5K, a race that honors heroes from across the country, and the Emerald City Quarter Marathon held in Dublin, Ohio.

To maintain an active lifestyle, Ms. Hlabse enjoys skiing, running, scuba diving and traveling — particularly visiting Lake Eerie — during her free time. She hopes to continue to excel in her career, and expand her role in leadership. She plans to open 6 emergency department facilities to offer closer care in communities around Ohio. Until then, she is eager to see where her career at Mid-Ohio Emergency Services will take her, and looks forward to seeing the institution fulfill its optimal potential.

Mara Hlabse


Nurse practitioner at Mid-Ohio Emergency Services

  • The Mid-Ohio Emergency Services, in Columbus, Ohio, provides emergency medicine physician and clinician services to several hospitals and medical centers, including the Dublin Methodist Hospital, Westerville Emergency Care Center and Riverside Methodist Hospital.
  • The facility is home to several board-certified, practice emergency medicine physicians who ensure that patients receive high-quality level care each day.
  • The center prides itself on being an all-inclusive facility that practices fairness and equality to its physicians and nurses. The hospital’s mission is to provide exceptional patient experience.