The American Health Council Appoints Ms. Winsome Anglin-Miller to the Nursing Board

Ms. Winsome Anglin-Miller has been warmly welcomed onto the Nursing Board of the American Health Council in recognition of her achievements in the medical profession to date. Having worked in the healthcare sector for the past 46 years, Ms. Anglin-Miller is a Per Diem Staff Nurse based in Pembroke Pines, FL and has been working at North Miami Beach Surgical Center for the past 3 years.

Ms. Anglin-Miller has always had a passion for nursing and has known she wanted to be a nurse since her childhood. Ms. Anglin-Miller achieved her MSHSA from Nova Southeastern University in 1998 and is CNOR certified. Her major areas of study have been in the field of Health Services Administration, which has allowed her to refine her abilities in ensuring staff and patients remain educated and informed.

North Miami Beach Surgical Center is a dedicated facility for outpatient surgery. The service provided by the center is considered a same-day surgery or ambulatory. They are proud to offer a cost-effective alternative to similar facilities in the area which is easy to access and provides tailored care. The center offers a wide variety of services including reconstructive, podiatry, ophthalmology, plastic, gynecology, E-N-T and many others.

The responsibilities of Ms. Anglin-Miller including assisting in the operating room, educating and circulating with patients and making sure reports are up to date and accurate for doctors. She is also plays a key role in making sure patients are comfortable before their surgery. Ms. Anglin-Miller is very proud of the recognition she receives from her patients and fellow staff member and is honoured to have received the Nurse Excellence Award. Ms. Anglin-Miller credits her success to always been open to new opportunities that came her way and being willing to step outside her comfort zone. To further her professional development and share her knowledge with others she is a member of both the Association of PeriOperative Registered Nurses and the Jamaican Nurses Association of Florida.

Looking to the future, Ms. Anglin-Miller would like to retire within the next 5 years after many years of dedicated service. When not working, Ms. Anglin-Miller, enjoys reading and baking, especially rum cake! She also gives back to her community through her work with the Metropolitan Baptist Church and the Miami Oratorio Society.

Winsome J. Anglin Miller


Per Diem Staff Nurse at North Miami Beach Surgical Center

  • North Miami Beach Surgical Center is designed exclusively for outpatient surgery, which is considered an ambulatory or same-day surgery.
  • They are able to offer a more convenient and personalized setting at a lower cost compared to other hospitals in the area.

Source: North Miami Beach Surgical Center